How To Create Enticing Android Development With iOS Background

Many of the fanatic and enthusiast mobile app developers desire to give a new trend to Android app development on the iOS background. Well, development of classy Android apps is quite identical to iOS as you think. You are well-versed with the Objective C and Swift and have knack in iOS programming skills. You must be looking forward to start with root for Android development. You are just not sure about the mind-numbing task of learning complete new language.
Android is written completely in Java language and it is the leading Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language which is more or less similar to Objective C and also the Swift too. Once you have tried your hands on iOS, you are completely thorough in the procedure of iOS Development with incredible features.

3 Essential Ways For Developing Android App On iOS Background:

1 Making Use of Android Studio vs Xcode:

In the case of Xcode, it has much more than the tremendous enhancements from the recent times and you will get to see the remarkable features in this regard in Android Studio. Though, X Code also has good going in this respect. Android Studio drastically decreases the writing boilerplate code regarding the subclasses through pre-population regarding overriding ways and also import statements and also quite newfangled method generation and this is getting much smart by providing good methods in error compiling too. For creating appealing app, Android Studio and Xcode, both of them have equal kind of support. There are various distinctions to be seen in these 2 IDEs. UI code is also being presented quite other way. Xcode also makes use of storyboards and well, Android Studios also utilize the XML related files too. Debugging in case of Android will be just nerve-wracking because of the speed which is slow, as contrast to the iOS stimulator.

Use of Android Studio vs Xcode

2 Testing can be done at the comfort of developer only:

Well, you are just actively involved in Android app developing which appears to be attractive and still creates good brand image of the business. Now, you have to start with beta testers. Well, there is also TestFlight support regarding good Android app and there will also be different options for Google Play’s beta testing by Developer Console.
Yet another kind of note in mentioning, you just will not have to keep waiting much to know from Google after you app submission to Google Play Store. It is just a daunting task for app submission to App store and then week’s time wait and later on getting to hear that your app has not been approved at all for improper description tag for app detailing. Hire Android developers who can completely understand your project needs carefully before starting with good mobile app development as per your company requirements.

3 Multifarious screen sized research:

In case of iOS, it is just 1 screen size and now in Android app development, there are numerous kinds of screen sizes to be considered though. When iPhone had hit the floors, developers had just been stuck for minimizing numerous screen sizes and Android has been enhancing the techniques for myriad screen sizes also. The major difference is that iOS layout is completely different and that, Size Classes vs Android XML attributes plus the layout file structure makes the developers like dog with 2 tails.

Closing Thoughts:

Well, this means that creating your app on the Android will be just awe-inspiring like the iOS. You will be enjoying creating Android apps with good functionality that gets huge hits on the download button too. Mobile app development sector is growing rapidly with each passing day and you will just be able to start with Android app development without much of the trouble. All you have to do is choosing the rapidly flourishing Android app development company which has laudable team of developers to assist you right from the project start phase to project completion phase with good support at each step.


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