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Pinterest is a time-sucking app which leads to a surprised look at the clock. Wondering where you’re hours slipped by? Probably when you were too busy gazing at glorious landscapes and mentally planning your vacations? Or, how about the time when multiple uses of lemons squeezed your attention for a little too long? Because Pinterest works on the principal of reading without words. But then again, in this fast moving world, who has the time to actually read all that much. We just flip past all the big heaps of texts, whereas a picture has more chances of holding our eyes and brain. A visual outlook on that is what Pinterest provides. Not only can you stare at other people’s lives wandering by, but you can pin your own life too with just a simple option of uploading pictures. Pinterest takes social networking to a whole new level.

Pinterest the new “It” app on the market has a lot going on for it.

With tumbler taking a slide downhill into Yahoo, dependency percentage of women between the ages of 18-45 on Pinterest has increased significantly. And not too soon, I might add. Because, not only does Pinterest bequeath a ‘cool’ factor to its consumers, but also offers e-business to diverse business ventures.  As a social networking website, it provides its users with an option of representing themselves with the power of pictures, and as each second tickles by, Pinterest has only been enhancing its services.

With technology at its crowning level, people have started to become more and more dependent on their smartphones and tablets. This has led to an outcry of converting all social\consumer websites into apps which can be used directly from their phones. Pinterest, being a member of this race, has also provided its users the ultimate gift of expressing themselves through pinning every second of every day. Not only that, but engaging others in your life has never been easier. Consuming content has caved an easier way for itself too. The level of ease has steadily increased for all Pinterest users. They can now put up pictures captured from their cell phones right when it happens. Time travels fast, but Pinterest has found the way to travel faster.

The following Pinterest apps have made users compulsively obsessed about pinning on the go.

The Pinterest iPhone app leads the way, followed by an android app, and finally a scrapbook for Pinterest for window users. Though these apps differ from each other with slight variations, they each provide the essence of Pinterest, which is pinning the pictures. Pinterest Pin It button, Pinhog for Pinterest, Pinreach, Pinpuff, Snapito, Wallo Interest, Reachli, Wisestamp, and lastly Pin4ever are some of the few Pinterest apps which make pinning a new-age tradition.

For new pinteresters “a picture’s worth thousand words, make sure you choose your first million words carefully”, for old pinteresters, “keep pinning, keep sharing, and keep breathing”. What can you learn from Pinterest? Well, how even pictures can rake thousands of dollars!


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