Top 7 Amazing Gadgets For Hearing Impaired People

Today, Assistive Listening devices amplify sound to help people with different kinds of hearing impairments. There are around 72 million people in the world who are deaf. Thanks to the technology these amazing gadgets are best for those individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. Here are companies like Hearing solutions which provide help for hearing impaired people.

Top 10 Amazing Gadgets For Hearing Impaired People

  • Babelfish Glasses

These new glasses are developed by Mads Hindhede. They help people with a hearing problem to follow any type of conversation live. They have two microphones for listening to any speech from the surrounding. After listening to the sound it translates the speech into text on the screen of the glasses. Its two microphone reads from different directions of the speaker and then display text accordingly. You will yourself find the difference between carrying a cell phone for additional information everytime you need the text. They also provide you privacy from other people.

  • Smart gloves for Dumb and Deaf

In most of the cases people who have hearing loss from birth use sign language to communicate as they are not able to speak. Thomas Pryor and Navid Azodi developed these smart gloves. The gloves monitor the individual’s hand and wrist movement. And then sends the reading through Bluetooth technology to a computer program. Then the program translates it into speech.

  • Aria Bracelet

It is an alert system in the form of a bracelet for people with hearing loss. It transfers several alert sounds to the wearer with the help of tactile sensation on the skin with an identifying light. It has rubber feelers that starts ticking the wrist of the wearer when it identifies any surrounding sound.

  • Vibrating

This gadget was discovered to alert hearing impaired people through signals. It converts the sound into signals and then displays them on to the screen of the wristwatch. The wearer has to wear both the rings with the wristwatch.When the wristwatch senses any kind of sound, then it sends signals to the ring which later starts vibrating through which an alert is sent to the wearer. It also interprets far away signals and also signals from different directions. Today most of the smartwatches also have this technology.

  • Uber’s  communication services for the hearing impaired

The Uber made an online video support guide in American Sign Language(ASL). They incorporated  Accessible technology for hearing loss people into mobile apps. These mobile apps are very accessible to the deaf people. UBer also appoint deaf drivers so, traveling with deaf drive make you use certain features of the app. These features are flashing trip request, notifying the rider that they are traveling with a hearing impaired driver. And text-only communication between the rider and the driver.

  • Amplified telephone

Hearing Impaired Gadgets For People

People with hearing difficulty are not able to make conversation on the phone. There are several kinds of amplified telephones for clearer phone conversations which not only increase the volume but also adjusts the tone. These gadgets contain flashing ring indicators and extra loud ringers for providing alert to the user in case of any kind of incoming call.

  • TV amplifiers

People with deafness often have a problem in everyday tasks such as attending the call or watching television.There are Assistive Listening devices like TV amplifiers increase the sound coming from your television.There are many types of headphone that use wireless infrared and  Bluetooth technology. Through which you can hear the television sound clearly in case of hearing difficulty at any increased volume. They send the signs to your hearing aids or headphone reducing the background loud noise. You can also be used these devices with your hearing aids. Therefore, its direct delivery of the auditory signal improves the clarity of the sound received by the speaker.

  • Personal amplifiers

These personal sound amplifiers increase the sound level by decreasing the background noise. People can wear them with their hearing aid. There are several kinds of body-worn amplifiers and small handheld amplifiers available for the deaf people.

  • Captioncall Amplified Phone

It uses voice recognition technology that provides written text in the form of a caption on the large screen of the phone. They are large and have very easy to read screens for the deaf people. They also very quickly displays the message what the caller speaks. Therefore, it builds the confidence of the hearing loss and they start attending a call with confidence.

  • Bone conduction headphones

They provide equal sound quality same as other headphone but reduce the background noises. It allows the user to hear sounds through the vibration of the bone of his face.

In this digital world every day new technology comes so, always keeps an update about the new gadgets. Especially for hearing impaired people it is very important to utilize all the new technology to make easier and developed.


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