The Nuances of iOS Marketing

You might have remembered to test your iPhone app, update all its features and give the appearance an exciting new look but you can yet miss out on one important thing. You will miss it if you are not far-sighted and haven’t given it a thought when you started working on the design of your app. It is the most necessary element which is going to bring in more traffic to your app and help you realize your million-dollar dream – it is your plan to market your iPhone/iPad app that will make all the difference.

Do you need a source of huge funds to execute this marketing plan – No! You wouldn’t need banner ads to showcase your app but you would efficient free mobile app marketing techniques to make your app visible in the market.

iOS marketing can involve a lot of little things that hold a lot of significance for marketing to be effective.

Restrictions In IOS App Marketing

  1. A bug-free app is always going to be convenient for your users and convenience is an aspect that can multiply or nullify an audience. Every bug that is reported should be resolved at the earliest and a notification about the same should go out at the same time.
  2. The app should be marketable – it should be unique or must have a catchy aspect.
  3. It has been found that the highest sales for any app happen when the product is initially released and a bug-free app is going to bring in good reviews. Reviews will be an invisible component in marketing your iPhone/iPad app.Process of IOS Marketing
  4. A well written concise description can create a lot of difference – it can draw a lot of attention. If not well written, the description about the app should at least tell the customer what it is and shouldn’t create any confusion for the customer as to what the app is all about. A simple marketing trick could be to provide links of similar popular apps with the description which might result in dynamically improving the search results for your app.
  5. A lot can be done with a modified date of release. When you are done with your app, the date of release always matches with the date when your app is ready is submission. But for iPhone app market’s approval of the submission, it does take some time and it would be beneficial to change the date of release and mention it to be the one in which it is published in the app market so that it finds its place in the new release list.
  6. In-app purchases can be a good way to generate revenue for your app and a freemium model can be an effective marketing tool. You can start off with a beta version or a demo version and you can be rest assured that when apps are given out for free, which is a very rare case, in the iPhone app market, customers love downloading the same even if they don’t use it. If they love your demo version, they will definitely opt for the full version and even if they don’t use it, they will be increasing the traffic into your app.
  7. You need to fetch reviews for your app. There will be websites offering paid review services but maybe this won’t be a wise option as users are very smart. Ratings will help your app a lot in terms of marketing.
  8. Make the best and right use of social networks to market your app. don’t spam.
  9. If you maintain an online hall of fame for the users who are using your product, this might be very helpful in getting your users to increase their frequency of using your app.
  10. Blog about relevant issues that your app addresses and tries connecting with bloggers who write about apps. Maybe if you connect well, they will be talking about your app too.


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