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Blogging Apps To Blog On The Go


It’s hard to believe that we once lived without digital communication, or only relied on our websites written by others to engage with potential or current customers, fans or followers for our products or services. Blogging has made it so easier for everyone who believes they have something to say they put it out there. It has created citizen journalism and brought about true engagement for brands.

Even though there are a lot of crappy blogs on the web, there are equally really good ones. These contain content that is well researched, thought – out and put together impeccably, sometimes with accompanying visuals. This process of researching the relevance of one’s content to their readers, the purpose why their blog exists, exuding massive creativity and actually putting one’s voice out there, is not so simple and easy. It is time consuming. This is what normally sets apart the good blogs that bring in the money and the not so good ones.

Developers – Know what the tricks are

Apps that can simplify the blogger’s life are every blogger’s dream. Developers than can tap into the exact needs of most bloggers and make their lives much easier, are no longer a luxury but a basic mobile communication need. Because inspiration hits bloggers at different and sometimes admittedly at weird hours and in weird places, the need for mobile apps that brings instant gratification has to be met.

Apps that I have fallen in love with and believe work for every blogger on the go, include:

  1. Blogger

    Not only has the interface been stripped bare that even an amateur blogger can create one in minutes, uploading videos and images is pretty simple. One can draft posts and save to publish later or immediately. For those who live on blogging only, Blogger app allows one to switch from one blog to the next and manage all your different blogs without any hassles.
  2. Dragon Dictation

    Typing a full blog on a mobile or tablet is not that easy especially when there’s a lot happening around you. Take for example a fashion blogger running from one show to the next during fashion week, it’s hard to capture everything by typing it or memorizing it. In comes Dragon Dictation, with its speech–to–text synthesizer – speak, copy it all and paste onto your blog post and you are done!
  3. Photo Editor

    Understandably not every blogger is a professional photographer. Most photos are snapped from the phone anyway so a bit of editing is always crucial to deliver quality images that match the quality of the blogger’s writing. Photo Editor allows from cropping, editing and adding on effects onto the images and gets them ready for uploading in a few minutes.
  4. YouTube Capture

    Videos are much better when a blogger chooses not to put all the action down in copy. YouTube Capture, again no need to have taken classes and classes on editing videos. It’s simplified and one trim, add music, correct the quality of the video and instantly upload onto a blog.
  5. Blogsy

    I love this app for its integration capabilities. Most bloggers blog on different platforms say on Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and so on. Blogsy makes it easier to switch from one to the other. It also works well with other third party apps such as Flickr or Picasa or YouTube.

There are many other apps out there which is great because it means developers are listening and responding to the needs of their different consumers.



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