Event – eChai App Challenge on 4th/5th Jan 2014

eChai and FirstTouch in association with MeraVenue.com are presenting the – eChai App Challenge – to bring together developers , designers, professionals, and entrepreneurs to build mobile apps in 24 hours, compete for cash prizes, meet the community and develop skills, interact with other domains experts and more importantly to get an eChai experience.

eChai promotes entrepreneurial culture among youth thru entrepreneurial programs , skill-based challenges and Web Television.

Firstouch is launching India’s TRUE language ecosystem with OS, App Store and Smart Phone so that people across India can cross the digital divide.

MeraVenue.com is India’s first online venue management and search platform along with the back-end venue management system.

eChai App Challenge is greatly supported by iAccelerator as Knowledge Partner, iWillStudy.com as Technology Partner, Let’s Nurture as Supporting Partner, GDG Ahmedabad as Community partner, and BuddyBits.com , AndroMint.com, & TheAppEntrepreneur.com as online media partner.

Who Should Participate at eChai App Challenge ?

– eChai App Challenge is the program for you if you always wanted to build that app but was waiting for something to happen.

– eChai App Challenge is the program for you if you are looking for that technical co-founder for your business ideas, come here, build your team , build prototype, compete with others and learn a thing or two of working with your potential co-founder.

– eChai App Challenge is the program for your if you want to be part of the movement to make Ahmedabad the hub for technology innovations and hacker culture.

– eChai App Challenge is the program for you if you are professional and want to build awesome stuff which might not have tried otherwise or want to showcase your skills to the community.

– eChai App Challenge is the program for your if you are a student and want to meet mentors, test your skills with peers, gain knowledge pursue excellence

Judging Criteria:

– The apps built at eChai App Challenge will be judged by the team of experience jury having greater experience in Building highly successful mobile apps.

– Various factors would be considered in judging your apps, whether it’s a novel idea or not, practicality, creativeness, simplicity, is it solving a problem or not , what would be the potential impact or the opportunity for the same.

– You’ll be required to code the entire app during the eChai App Challenge only, your app will be judged on the work you have done at eChai App Challenge, not the previous work that you have done.

– We would prefer you build the complete App at eChai App Challenge, but it doesn’t restrict you not to bring your existing app. The Apps being built from scratch at eChai App Challenge will get more preference unless and until you significantly improve your existing App during eChai App Challenge, basically you’ll be judged on the things you built at eChai App Challenge.


Saturday, 4th Jan 2014

9.00 am – 9.30 am – Registrations

9.30 am – 11.30 am – Idea Pitches and team formations.

11.30 am – Till the end of Night – Building the App ( Experts ranging from App Developers to Business Domain Experts UX designers will be there to guide teams)

Sunday, 5th Jan 2014

9.00 am – 12.30 pm – Building The App (Experts ranging from App Developers to Business Domain Experts UX designers will be there to guide teams)

2.00 pm – 5 pm – App Demos and Award Ceremony


Jury’ Choice:

1st Place – Rs. 15,000 Cash Prize

2nd Place – Rs. 10,000 Cash Prize

3rd Place – Rs.5,000 Cash Prize

People’s Choice:

All the participants, partners and stakeholders will be putting in the money which they believe that the eChai App Challenge is worth for them – for example some participate may feel the the event was worth Rs. 500 – they he/she can put in money in the envelope which will be provided at the venue. For some it will be Rs. 100 or for some it will be Rs. 1000. All the money collected in this way will go as prize money for People’s Choice award category. All the participants, partners and stakeholders will mention their top-3 teams – based on the most number of votes- top 3 teams will be announced and the prize money will be distributed equality among the top 3 teams under People’s Choice category.

Other Important Details:

– eChai App Challenge is monetary free to participate but you’ll have your fill in the form to get your confirmation of participation.

– Maximum 4 members are allowed in a single team

– You are supposed to bring in your devices ( laptops, phones) and internet connection ( i.e. Dongle)

– You’ll be provided with continuous supply of Chai / Coffee.

– You’ll have to manage your lunch and dinner on your own. However we’ll help you get good deals either from a Canteen at IIMA or thru other partners.

For sponsorship and partnership opportunities contact Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder, Point10 Ventures on +087338 38470 or jatin@point10.co

Register @ http://eChai.co/events/echai-app-challenge


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