How To Find Free Press For Your App?

You have worked hard to build your app, the launch date is rapidly approaching and you don’t know where to find the vibes going about it. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t even think about paid reviews. Can you get free press for your app release? The answer to the above question largely depends on the approach you take to publicize your app.

Who will Be Interested?
First of all, you need to identify the reporters, bloggers and forums where interest about your app may heighten. Make a list of the potential bloggers and reporters who may be interested in publishing news about your app. see if they have a ‘contact us’ page in their blog and use it for good measure to send them a well-drafted email detailing what your app is all about and whether they may be interested in publishing something about it. You however will need to be overly careful when drafting the email. Avoid mass emails. To increase your chances of them picking your request up, make sure that you give enough details about your app.

How to Find Free Press for Your App?
There is an easy way to find bloggers that will be interested in publishing your app launch and information. It involves searching in the search engines for bloggers who published your competitor’s apps. Chances are that if they published press about your competitors, they will also be interested in your app.

Specialized blogs are another option. If, for instance your blog is about health, travel or insurance, try finding blogs that deal with these issues. Try to establish where your users get their information from and what they are more interested in reading. Contact the writers of these blogs and ask them whether they may be interested in featuring your app.

The Social Media
If you do not have any other option, try social media. It Never Fails. Both Twitter and Facebook can be very instrumental free press tools to promote your app. Find the Right Hash tags To Promote Your App. You may also want to have a few of your buddies back up your social media campaign for better outcomes.

Cultivate the Right Pitch
Finding a free blog or press to review your app might be the simplest factor in the equation. Having your app actually reviewed will be another thing all together. You need to know how to actually develop the right pitch. What should you include in your email and what should you leave out? Some of the basics that you should have in the email include the name and price of your app, what it is capable of and why you think it are different from all the other clutter in the app stores.

If you are looking to get reviewed in some of the most famous tech blogs, you will need to have a superb app.


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