Despicable Minion 2 – Still Going Strong

Despicable Minion 2 is an amazing strategy based game which is designed in an impeccable manner for the kids. It offers a unique gaming experience even to adults and was launched in 2010 based on the film Despicable Me. The game was developed by Anino Games on the iOS platform.

Despicable Minion 2

The storyline of the game is…
SupervillianGru is competing with the Vector and Vector is an evil genius. Gru calls the minions to develop a monstrous device and beat Vector. Gru is training the minions in the secret laboratory. The Gru gadgets are designed to aid the player in the mission and the player would need to take control of the minions who will go wherever they like, but the player would need to manipulate the environment so the minions are not misdirected.

The minions perform various moves to collect the bananas and get loads of surprises on the way where they have to overcome challenges to receive the title. The game has several plus points and the app entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this game to make a powerful gaming app.

Plus Points Of The Game Which App Entrepreneurs Can Learn And Implement:

  • The minion jumps, flies and dodges through various obstacles. Among the plus points of the game, the player can perform various despicable acts through hundreds of missions. There are different iconic locations through which the minion has to run through. There are surprises and tricky obstacles which keep the player engaged. The app creators can think of implementing some fast paced challenges along with some mischief which can impress the player and finally defeat the villain in a hilarious way to earn the title.
  • The second interesting factor is the minion costumes. The player can customize the minions with different types of costumes, weapons and power ups. The app entrepreneurs can see the unique fights and amazing power ups which enhances the interest of the player in the game.
  • The bonus game plays add more charm as the player can collect the bananas riding on a fluffy unicorn and enjoy multiple camera angles which are dynamic. The custom animation, amusing voice over’s and 3D graphics boost the interest of the player in the game.
  • The different locations make the game stay afresh. True, various other games like Subway Surfer have experimented with new locations to make the user stay connected with the game and not feel bored. However, what Despicable Minion has done differently s introducing some different elements and characters in each new location as well.

No wonder, the game is very popular and offers a unique experience each time to the player. While “run forever” games have been made in plenty, Despicable Minion 2 proves that there’s still room for these games that are made innovatively.


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