Designing A Non-Profit App – A Look

The two biggest reasons behind the development of different types of apps by app entrepreneurs are – increased recognitions and profits.

Earning more and getting recognized doesn’t come easy though. Think of the iOS store. Many of the apps do not even have more than 10 user ratings! You need to know the art of making apps that people love to download!

However, even in times like these, there are certain apps that are made for non-profit purposes. These apps provide general information to the people which help them make informed decision. While profit making isn’t the objective with these types of apps, as an app entrepreneur you need to see that you do not wholly see yourself in the red after making the app. More importantly, you need to outline your goals as to why you need to create non-profits app.

Here is a look at how and why some of the organizations are creating non-profit apps:

  • The app entrepreneur responsible for the creation of a nonprofit app should make sure that it clearly underlines the name, prospects and guidelines of the organization the app represents. The working of the organization and other procedures followed by it should be specifically mentioned. For instance, the Amnesty International app is designed to help people stand against injustice and inhuman behavior around the world.
  • Many nonprofit organizations have donation boxes or fund-raising platforms to get monetary help from the people around the world so that the money can be put to good use. The apps of such nonprofit organization should have this interface which allows the people to donate money for the various causes.
  • The main positive which can come out of developing a nonprofit app is the spreading of awareness of social values among the people. In that sense, it is absolutely necessary that the design of the application should primarily revolve around the theme of the organization and should keep stating its missions and other plans which are targeted for the different sections of the world.
  • The portability of the applications helps in illuminating the people about all the ideas of the nonprofit organizations. For example, the National Public Radio application for the iPhone allows the user to get a hang of the local and national news and also listen to the radio stations which they like, and all this available on the go!

There are various popular nonprofit applications which can give an idea to make a perfect nonprofit app to entrepreneurs. The Wage Calculator app by One Day’s Wages helps to calculate the wages per day of a worker. It helps the user in planning his investments based on how much can he earn according to his working hours. There is another app called Hike which has been developed by the American Hiking Society (AHS). The society has been striving to make the adventure of hiking a beautiful experience for everyone and thus, the app provides for the maps and scales of the parks, forests etc. Therefore, the creation of nonprofit applications is certainly a good idea and their designing should be done very intelligently.


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