Pitching Your App And Getting It Reviewed – The Ways To Do It

There are plenty of bloggers or editors for review sites today. The one common thing they all get everyday are hundreds and hundreds of product review requests. Because of the number of apps out there, we all know that it’s a tough wave to ride to get noticed by these credible bloggers or reviewers. However, there are clever ways to do this and actually get your app reviewed.

Ways To Pitching Your App And Getting It Reviewed

Understand the reviewer/blogger

In the news media, it takes most editors and journalists reading the subject line or first paragraph of a press release to decide if it’s something they will consider for a feature or not. Because of this, publicists have perfected the art of understanding their journalists. The same applies to app reviews; get to know whether the blogs or sites you are looking at or showing interest in – covers your app category, otherwise you will waste time requesting for reviews that will get ignored.

Build a relationship with the blogger/reviewer

The moment you start creating an app, you should be looking at blogs/sites where you would like your app to be reviewed. Read their content and comment time and again. Eventually the reviewers and bloggers will start recognizing your name. Remember not to suck up but be honest. Make negative or positive comments in a respectable manner. This is exactly how publicists build relationships with media contacts – no one started by knowing everyone in the industry. When you eventually approach them for a review, they are likely to look at it. Some will even have the courtesy to ask you whether you would rather drop your review if they hate your app or go ahead and do it anyway.

Pitching Your App


When your pitch is among a hundred others – a reviewer/blogger doesn’t have the time to go through twenty screen grabs, two pages of your release and then another two pages describing the app. Keep it simple stupid, less is more. However make sure that your less makes an impact, it has been put together very well. Write well, without blowing your own horn too much.

If you don’t get a response, immediately follow up without being pushy. Remember that you need reviewers/bloggers more than they need you so be nice and treat them like people. Do not think of them as someone you just want to use. Avoid placing ultimatums or deadlines if you expect a response. Marketing an app is more difficult today than perhaps even designing it – you need to be sure on what you do and how you do to be successful!



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