Is App Store Optimization Crucial in Mobile App Development Process?

There’s a gigantic amount of revenue in the app development. Don’t let your brain get hanged, I am going to splash some numbers at you. Back in 2015, the amount of revenue generation was $42 billion which grew to $52 billion in 2016. Well, this is expected to grow by $102 billion by the year 2020. App users still rely on the app store to download the app and this makes the app development business highly lucrative. This is witnessed by an entire crew of mobile app development companies and this gave birth to the cutthroat competition. So, the current scenario is now it’s not that easy to generate expected revenue with 2.8 million apps in the Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple store. That’s what makes implementing ASO extremely essential.

What ASO actually is?

ASO (App store optimization) is the process to optimize the apps in a way to make it rank higher in the app store. Visibility of the app to the potential customer will jack up with high app ranking. ASO specifically works to drive higher traffic to the page of the app in the app store. This will lead to specific action i.e app download. What is the focal point for ASO process? It is basically the target audience. It doesn’t end here, keywords are also placed at the top priority when it comes to ASO. Get to know the audience and what terminology is being used by them. Based on that decide the keywords you want to rank for your ASO.

Why is ASO an integral chunk?

Majority of the apps are found through app store search. If you are missing out on ASO, you are probably missing out on one of the biggest discovery channels for your Android or iPhone app development. An effective ASO can bring your app high in the app store and get more hit on the download button.

How does ASO work?

There are several factors affecting ASO. Let’s peep into each one of them deeply.

Primary factors

  1. Title
    The best way to form any title from the purpose of ASO is to place the keyword in it. Indulge into deep research and conclude which keyword is your targeted one to be used in the title. It would be rather devastating to fluctuate the title time and again based on the change in the keyword. Once it starts getting highlighted, it will market itself, start creating the buzz, gets reviews and become popular in the app world. Fluctuating keywords and titles would be a hindrance in this effective chain.
  2. Keywords
    We just discussed above, how important keywords are. It’s quite blatant you will have to analyze which keywords suit your app and it’s target audience therein. Another thing to be taken into consideration is targeted keywords of competitors.Well, both this factors can be modified as per the demand that’s make choosing the right keyword and title tricky.

Secondary factors

  1. Number of downloads
    This factor is something which stands at top priority but not under your control. There’s no point of launching an app if it doesn’t grab the desired and required number of downloads. Proper ASO will assist in getting the desired number of downloads.
  2. Reviews and ratings
    Well, even this is not something that is under control. However, ASO can create a humongous impact on the iPhone or Android app development. You cannot control rating and reviews but what you can do is to pinch the happy and contented clients to do so.



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