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How To Build Successful Micro Niche Sites And Make Money in 2019

Build Successful Micro Niche Sites

Making money online through blogging is the new money business, you just have to do it right. For instance, you can make loads of profit in a very short time via micro niche blogs. You just have to target popular niches.

Micro Niche Websites

Micro niche websites are sites with only a few pages that target only one main keyword or topic, for example, fish filter for betta. A micro niche website with the above example will only talk about a fish filter for a particular breed of fish, betta. This means that the success of such a website lies on the keyword you select for the micro-niche blog.

Difference Between A Micro Niche Website And A Niche Website

A micro niche website will definitely differ from a niche website in that it will cover a specific topic or keyword while a niche website will cover 2-3 or more topics. For example, a fish filter is a general topic that will likely talk about all types of fish filters, while fish filters for better are so specific and will cover only fish filter used for betta fish.

Besides, micro niche sites are very easy to maintain, because it will have only a few content and pages. As for ranking on Google search, niche blogs often do so well. You just have to have a quality website with quality content.

So how can you build a profitable micro niche website? Here is a guide on how to start a niche website, which will help you build a successful micro niche site and make money online in 2019.

Build Successful Micro Niche Sites

Niche And Domain Name

In order to create a successful and profitable micro niche website in 2109, you will need to find a profitable niche for your blog. There are so many niches, you can try but always opt for one that interests you.

For instance, if you have an interest in automobiles, you can select sports bikes, or racing cars and etcetera. However, since your goal is to make some money from this website, via Google AdSense or affiliate marketing. It is better to choose a niche with more searches, especially from the US. You can look for keyword ideas, monthly searches as well as competition on a search tool like Google Keyword Planner before you come up with a topic or keyword to write about.

After you choose the niche for your website, register your domain name. Your domain name should include your main keyword. This is because it will help you when it comes to ranking well on search results.

Micro Niche Sites To Make Money

Set Up Your Blog

Before you write any content, set up your blog with good plugins and theme. You can choose WordPress or blogger. You would also need to buy host space to host your WordPress blog. You can look for some of the best in the industry like Bluehost. As for themes, opt for one that you can customize to fit your content and blog in general.


If you have no idea how to write SEO articles, you should research a bit on it before starting out on your content. Anyhow, your article should include things like keyword and heading tags. The keywords can be in bold, underlined or italic. You should also add more images with ALT tags and build many quality links to your micro niche website.

Optimizing your micro niche website for search engines will help you get higher rankings on Google search results. For better ranking, you will need to do both on-page and off-page SEO.


After you have set up your blog, you would want to write as many articles as you can. However, you will first need to find some targeted keywords that are related to your micro niche. These keywords should have high CPC (cost per click), as well as many searches, especially from the US.
You can use different tools to find these keywords. Most of these keywords are likely to be used by your competitors and high-ranking websites within your micro niche. You can steal them, and start writing to increase traffic.


Now that you are done creating your micro niche website with quality keywords, SEO content and have increased its traffic. You can start to monetize your micro niche blog to make money. You can choose Google AdSense or affiliate marketing to your blog.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, not all micro niche websites make a good deal of money, but it could be due to the lack of a proper guideline on how-to. So follow the above guides into creating your very own micro niche blog, for a chance to make some side money.

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