Making An App With No Experience!

Making an app is easier said than done. For making an app to the best optimum level possible one needs to make sure that the app is perfect from each and every angle. Even if you have the most amazing idea for an app, people will not use it much unless it has a good and easy to use user interface.

Making an app is no child’s play and it requires knowledge of different skills. One needs to have a good idea to start with, mould their idea according to the target market, figure out how the app will function, design the icon and the user interface and start with the coding, submit it to the app store and regularly keep updating your app.

So you of course already have a great idea, but it’s very rare that one person can manage all the above stated activities with ease.

So What Can Be Done?

  • Hire Professionals
    If you have enough monetary resources and know for a fact that your idea is super! Don’t think twice just go hire the best professional possible. By hiring a professional you will be ensuring that you deliver exactly what you wanted in a specific time frame and also your app will be absolutely bug free. If your pocket still allows you and you think your designs are not good enough go ahead and hire a graphic designer. But ensure that you grasp the maximum from these professionals so that next time you can just do it on your own.
  • Use The Internet
    The internet is full of tutorials and videos that show you how apps are made for different portals right from scratch. Also follow blogs and participate in forums about app making and grasp as much as possible. The internet will provide you with a lot of information about your target market as well.
  • Networking
    If you have a good network, make the maximum out of it. If not, build a good network. Use twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to make contacts with other app developers, designer, entrepreneurs etc. it will help you find people to hire, sponsors or just mentors who are well experienced and from whom you can take advice.
  • Research
    Gather as much information as possible, open the app store and read all about the most popular apps and the ones in your genre of app making, see and understand their special features, their updates and use them and note their pros and cons and try to incorporate the pros while removing the cons from your app. Also find out about the different software used for different apps understand their limitations and the requirement of your app then according to what seems the easiest option for you start building your app.
  • Be Unique
    Just because you have no experience, does not mean that you should play it safe while making your app. always remember your interface and your design should both do justice to your app idea. Annie-Marie Faiola founder of BumbleBerry too took a major risk; she started an app for soap makers that teach them how to make exotic soaps. The app is available at $4.99 in the iStore. Even though apple takes 30% from the sale of every app she was able to cover her entire initial investment within 5 months.

There’s no reason why the same couldn’t happen for you.


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