Understanding Consumer Demand

App entrepreneurs should be very specific when it comes to making applications for mobile platforms. This is why these professionals are expected to assess their target audience prior to making an app. This is popularly known as understanding consumer demand. Once an application developer knows what apps are preferred by certain people, he can tailor the development process according to their taste. Let’s understand what consumers really want from applications:

  • Productivity apps are always in demand: When people spend a great deal on money on a smartphone or tablet computer, wouldn’t they want to carry their work on the go? This has paved way for productivity applications that not only allow them to create, view, edit documents and keep a tab on other stuff but also share things with colleagues. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to wait to get to office in order to access important documents. Cloud-based sharing is a feature every business person wants to use.
  • Gaming: This is another field that isn’t dying out anytime soon. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2012, about 74% of the smartphone users are young adults. As a matter of fact, the younger generation is more inclined to games. Statistics also reveal that the gaming domain accounts for the greatest revenue in the app market. Even those games that are available for free tend to earn a lot through in-app purchases in due course of time. Games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers are great examples.
  • Consumers prefer inexpensive apps: The best thing an app entrepreneur can do is to make the app available for free on any given application market. Another survey also reveals that 90% of iOS apps in use are free downloads. In addition, just 6% of the apps currently in use are priced at $0.99. This data shows that insane pricing of apps doesn’t go well with consumers.
  • Easy to use interface: No user would want to download an app and take a month just to learn how to use it. The user interface should be very simple and intuitive that people use is more often and in their daily routine. A study shows that smartphone users tend to uninstall apps within 24 hours of downloading it if they find it tough to understand. One thing that every app entrepreneur should keep in mind is that, getting hits isn’t the only criteria. Sustaining consumers is very important when it comes to making profits.

It is only when you understand consumer demands that you will earn higher revenue and establishes yourself in this cut-throat competition.

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