How To Create An App That Uses The Smart Phone’s Location?

This time, we will deal with rather an interesting aspect. Smart phones help people communicate and make use of social media apps for exchanging pictures, videos and messages. Apps today are able to sense and connect where they read data from different devices.

And that’s what a good app does – make your task easy.

As an app entrepreneur, if you can make use of the Smart Phone’s location abilities, you will be able to design better apps catering more to the needs of the customer. This is what iBeacons does in iOS 7. Making a payment with a tap on your phone without going to the cash counter is easy, thanks to such apps. All location centric apps today use the GPS and smart phone’s location abilities to great effect.

Here are few things that app entrepreneurs and app creators need to make sure of when they make apps that use the Smart phones location to enhance its functionality:

Providing Security: When app creators plan to create such an app, the privacy factor cannot be ignored. Earlier, the QR code system was offered in the automotive industry which could store information and smart phones could scan these codes to access the information. However, malicious commands raised privacy concerns. Today, privacy and security is vital. Using RFID is very beneficial here as it enhances the security and can be concealed in book wrappers and passports; among others.

NFC or Near Field Communication was also developed for the same. The communication between NFC enabled devices is made easy and they can share data with each other easily as NFC supports encryption of data as well. Bluetooth low energy is also added on most of the smart phones so apps should be created keeping such features and users approach in mind.

Convenience For Several Things: App entrepreneurs who want to create an app using the Smart phones location must lay emphasis on the convenience factor which can benefit the user. For example, the iBeacons app helps in interacting with the sensors and smart phone. It makes sense for developers as well as app entrepreneurs to create devices that are compatible with the iBeacons which can be installed at public places and shopping centers.

Think about it. The customer is nearby a store and he receives an advertisement of the store on his or her smart phone. You can also create apps that make information come on the user’s phone easily when they cross museums, airports; among others. Location specific apps can also make you know about specific events, offers, travel plans and more. If you can think innovatively, you can create an app that can actually do wonders as this nice is still not tapped in much.


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