iOS Apps To Make Today With iOS 7

Apple introduced the new iOS 7 with features that are aimed at enhancing the experience of the user. However, the appearance of the icons, for instance has come as a shock for many users, who feel that they look ‘too unprofessional’.

True, we can see some changes in the overall appearance and the user interface. This time the research team has introduced a very minimal aesthetic appearance perspective to give more focus on the true usage of the applications.

iOS Apps With iOS 7

For app entrepreneurs though, this is a good opportunity to create new types of apps and also to update the previously created iOS apps for the new platform. Whenever a latest version of iOS is introduced, there is always a scope for better app marketing and good revenue generation. You will find a specific column for users on iTunes for iOS 7 enhanced apps already – a testimony to the fact that Apple wants apps to suit the new OS more.

App entrepreneurs should have a good insight on the latest changes incorporated in iOS 7 so that it will be helpful while creating the apps.

iOS 7 App Creation, New Possibilities:

  • Apps should be suitably created for the minimalistic interface: In iOS 7, the minimalistic approach has led people to have more focus on the application and has helped to avoid unwanted distraction. So weightage should be given to user-friendly interface.
  • Scope for more app development for business establishments: iOS 7 has introduced a new feature which helped people to get all the necessary information on the current location by detecting the exact position and by connecting the device to the app of the business entity of that place. This technology, which is known as ibeacons will lead to more app creation requirement for the business listings, which will be a good thing for the app entrepreneurs.
  • Good time to create updates for the created apps: The latest addition of auto updates and the silent updates in the background of iOS 7 is a great feature. So, this is the right time for creating an update for the apps which are created already. Good and useful updates will surely boost the ratings and revenue for the apps.
  • New area of apps for the app entrepreneurs: The types and niches of apps are getting wider with every iOS update. This time, there is a whole new category in the appstore just for children. App creators will surely have a new experience in this category of apps. It is also a very revenue generating area due to the rise of usage of iOS devices in the kindergarten and primary schools.

iOS 7 has a lot in store for the app entrepreneurs and provide for a great experience in the app creation sector.


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