Building an Interactive Mobile App without Code

Wait, did you hear it right? Yes, we are talking about building apps without codes.

In today’s fast paced and competitive world, companies are always looking to connect 24/7 with prospective customers. However, it isn’t easy for a start-up company with no previous experience and scare financial resources to create an amazing interactive mobile phone application. Furthermore, the scariest aspect when it comes to application development is programming. Thousands of lines of code have to be written in order to create a great app. What is you could make mind blowing mobile applications for your business without having to learn coding or hire programmers?

Building Mobile App

History doesn’t repeat itself every time – at least not in the app development world.

Few years ago, it was impossible for an app entrepreneur with no experience in coding to develop an application. Nonetheless, things have changed for good. Origami, a toolkit for Quartz Composer allows designers and app developers to build application prototypes faster, without the need of any coding skills. Quartz Composer is a Mac OS X app from Apple Inc which can be downloaded free of cost from their application store. It is a decade old app which is intended for motion graphics and not for Smartphone development.

Think Innovation
With the inclusion of the Origami toolkit, users will be able to create interaction flows and animations for mobile phones. This open source project from Social Networking giant Facebook will make it easier for app developers to make innovative applications without writing a single line of code. People are usually skeptical of tools like these, but in this case credit has to be given to Facebook.

The company has been pretty successful with similar open source projects in the past. Facebook has done a great job and has made it easier for novice app entrepreneurs to establish their brand in the cut-throat competition. There are several applications available on the market that promise to deliver amazing application development tools without the need of hard core programming skills. However, they fail in terms of features and utility tools. The applications created using such building tools fail to impress a large number of audience particularly due to lack to interactivity.

What’s In It for App Entrepreneurs?
Think about it. The app presents some interesting prospects. While app making would be simpler, of course building complex apps wouldn’t be possible. However, it can save you a lot of money and time. Origami includes interactive features such as toggle buttons, bounce animations, scrolling, timers, counters and color transitions among others. These features help in enhancing the interface of the application. To use Origami, you will need to be a registered Mac developer. In addition, you will have to download Quartz Composer as well as Origami toolkit version 1.0. If you have a great app idea that you think can take your business to new heights, Origami is one toolkit that is a must have among your development tools.

All you have to do is create a Mac application developer account, if you don’t have one and download it on your computer.


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. It really help the developers for creating just a prototype of their app by using Origami toolkit.

    I really appreciate your article.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information. It really help the developers for creating just a prototype of their app by using Origami toolkit.

    I really appreciate your article.


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