A Look At In-App Design

A good application has the best of everything. In order to have an effective in-app design you need to assess the business domain as well as user requirements. An app entrepreneur’s job doesn’t just end with thinking if a great app idea. One should also know how and where the resources should be employed in order to get the most out of them. In fact, the Apple’s App Store has stringent policies when it comes to app design and your app will only be approved when it complies with all of them.

A recent research shows that 22% of the apps are used only once. The reason is simple – it doesn’t cater to the users’ needs. Here are a few elements of a great in-app design that will ensure your success in the application market.

  • Usability: When you are making an app, it should solve a user’s problem or help him achieve something or get what he wants. After all, people are looking for tools that they can use. Consumers might ignore simplicity of your app or whether it lacks tons of features, when it has all the right tools that are usable. App entrepreneurs must focus on the core aspects of the app and later think about increasing its complexity and throwing in more features. Having an intuitive design and communicating what is necessary are indeed important.
  • Utility: Every aspect of your app should serve a purpose. Including a host of features that are not really essential would be a waste of time and money. Prior to making an application, it would be good to have a background check on what people want the app to do. Adding unwanted features would not only have a toll on the overall performance of the application but also hinder other useful features that actually matter to users. It is advised to think twice before introducing any tool in the app.
  • Desirability: It is this trait that will make more users inclined to using your products. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to necessarily mean improving the aesthetic feel of the app. It might also refer to influencing consumers to use certain features for the benefit of your company. It also means driving actions with the help of a great design. Improving the visual appeal, writing interactive content and using buttons and other dynamic objects in the app will definitely make the page more desirable.

Word of the mouth plays a crucial part in the success of an application. Remember, people out there will suggest your app to others only when they find it useful and satisfies their requirements.


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