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What Is The Best CMMS Application?

What is the Best CMMS Application

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is the process of creating and managing work orders for the maintenance of machinery and equipment for an organization. The system facilitates enterprises to raise accountability of their maintenance team, as well as scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities.

Why Enterprises Use CMMS Application?

Tracking Work Orders

Sometimes the production team identifies issues with their equipment and initiates the maintenance process by placing a work order to the maintenance team. However, since the maintenance team have to deal with multiple issues parallel, mismanagement can happen to maintain the priority of these issues. As a result of that, often important issues are missed, and enterprises have to count colossal loss. To overcome these sort of issues, CMMS keeps the tracks of all work orders according to their priority to ensure the proper maintenance.

Scheduling Maintenance Task

Preventive maintenance is the best working process, but it requires a calendar to schedule tasks. A CMMS system allows the maintenance team to plan the routine maintenance and notify the assigned persons in time. It not only establishes the best practice of the support but also reduces the workload of the responsible persons.

Recording Equipment History

Knowing the equipment history helps the maintenance team to perform their task accordingly. Maintenance team needs to maintain any equipment for a long time like 20 or 30 years and even more than that. To record the equipment history is essential to solve any issues just based on the previous history and that’s why CMMS is required.

Inventory Management

Maintenance team requires to manage inventory for the spare-parts and reusable like oil and grease. CMMS application provides a simple inventory management system for the maintenance department which facilitates to know the status of the inventory, their usage, and requirements.

Enterprises Use CMMS Application

Robust Reporting

The CMMS application keeps a record of all tasks done, assigned, to do and the status of each particular action. The management can have an overview of the overall maintenance system to take further decision.

What is the Best CMMS Application?

The features mentioned above are some of the most essential features of CMMS application and an ideal CMMS application should have all of them. Once such CMMS solution currently available in the market is Simple CMMS – A revolutionary cloud based application that has all of these features and a few more:

Web & Mobile App

Simple CMMS provides web and native mobile apps (for Android & iOS) which allows users to perform their task swiftly and get notified as required. An assigned employee can also upload, verify, and lookup equipment information from different devices like mobile phone, tablet or a desktop.

Integration of Biometrics

To raise accountability in the maintenance department, Simple CMMS comes with biometrics identification functionality which separates this application from all the others. It eliminates any chances of passing responsibility to others and risking the maintenance works.

Cloud Architecture

Simple CMMS helps the enterprises to save money on maintaining IT infrastructure offering the cloud-based service. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), based pricing model reduces your additional expenses on IT maintenance and assures uninterrupted service.

Going for a CMMS application? Simple CMMS is a must solution to consider for your business as a decision maker. It will make your maintenance management process hassle free and ensure proper care of our precious equipment’s.

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