How To Make A Photo Sharing App?

Everybody loves photos and app entrepreneurs know that this is a niche they can expand upon. As app entrepreneurs, you need to think of creating a photo sharing app that generates the revenue required. Focus is the magical word. Know why people need photos – add some powerful features in a simple UI to draw in their attention.

Photo Sharing App

With photo sharing apps come in plenty of late, now seems the right time to invest. Google recently came out with its own photo sharing app too, and the good reviews of the app coupled with the thousands of download lay testimony to the fact that the photo sharing app genre is still in vogue.

Things to Consider For Creating A Powerful Photo Sharing App:

  • For building a perfect photo sharing app with commendable features, you would need to give user authentication so the users can log in, Integrate S3 which can help to store the pictures, add ACl the Access Control Lists and CRUD API. The Geo location feature will help in viewing the photos in your area. To make a photo sharing app, the development and production environment should be included as well. App entrepreneurs can benefit greatly if they focus on the features of photo sharing app.
  • To build an app like Instagram – HTML, JavaScript and CSS can be used as the platform. The standard compliant technologies can help to build the photo sharing app and these technologies are File, API, Canvas, ES5 and CSS3 that can run smoothly on the Internet explorer 10, Firefox and Chrome. You must also build Windows Store App which will help the people to click the pictures instantly, edit it online and share it on the internet.
  • Consider serious photographers: Professional photo sharing features should be added by the app entrepreneur where users can upload large size photos and portfolio easily. Extra storage space and high image resolutions attract the users. The cloud storage function will help users to store all photographs at one place as well. Privacy is vital and when a user does not want his or her photographs to be downloaded from anywhere, then a disable function could do it all.
  • As there are many photo sharing apps in the market, people may like to give it a second thought whether a photo sharing app is necessary or not. App creators need to consider this fact and make an app which stands out in UI, functionality, ease, privacy, etc. Adding a list of filters with the help of JavaScript templating system is easier and one can be creative considering the features.

There is a lot which can be added to create a unique photo sharing app which can enhance the experience of the user.


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