What You Need To Know About Android Oreo

After all the speculation about the name of the upcoming Android OS, finally the actual name rolls out which is kept after a biscuit entire world knows and is fond of. 21st August 2017, the nomenclature of Android 8 was done, setting aside all the rumors of it being octopus or oatmeal cookie or any sweet in any corner of the world, Google has partnered with Nabisco and called it’s next version Oreo. Android Oreo has been buzz in the market since quite long through its beta versions and Google I/O 2017 has also revealed some of the juicy tit bit of this version. Well, this no where steals away the limelight of the official reveal of the version. Now, that the final update is here, you have got many more reasons to be excited about. Here are some of the key features, you can’t wait to have on your Android device.

Need To Know About Android Oreo

1) Battery life enhanced

Whenever Google has new iterations of Android, battery life is always a matter of concern. Well, these issues is very well resolved with Android Oreo. The newer version has imposed restrictions on the process that an app can perform in the background when number of apps are in use. This will in turn result in coming up with apps that creates minimum impact on the device’s battery when running in background. Every Android device will witness improved battery life once Android Oreo is installed on them.

2) Picture-in-picture

One of the most eminent and useful features of Android Oreo is picture-in-picture one. You can’t access YouTube while you are using Snapchat. Well, with Android Oreo, you will no more face this issue. This feature will allow you to watch video on a small screen and do any other work on the side. You can send emails, chat with your dear ones, scroll your gallery, surf internet or any other you deem fit.

Need To Know About Android Oreo

3) Adaptive icons

Status bar will be more clear with this update. The bar is of white color and certain icons have moved underneath the tiles which has made tapping them easier than before. The setting menu has also been revamped. As compared to that with the Nougat, the menu has been literally curtailed to half. It might take some time to adapt the new menu but grouping of the menu is more sensible. If you are an emoji addict, Android Oreo is a flair of joy for you. There are 50 new redesigned emojis which you will see in the keyboard itself and for apps, it will be supporting the latest Android API level. Well, this clearly signifies waving goodbye to the famous blob emoji.

4) Auto-fill API

Android Oreo helps you save lot of time with auto-fill API. Your password manager app and your Android OS can work conjointly now so that you can access both of them similar to what you do with a third party keyboard. Android users have password manager to auto-fill all the loin details which they have to repetitive make use of. Now, this is even more eased up by adding platform support for auto-fill.

5) Notifications dots and channels

Users now have an immense amount of control over their notifications with entailing group notifications into channels. User can have entire control on the working pattern of each of the channel individually instead of peeping over all at once. With this new OS, user have the power to snooze, not alarm your notifications. You can snooze and schedule your notification to appear at a later time. You can decide the time as per your convenience. It can be 15 minutes, it can be 30 minutes or an hour. Notification dots are visual indicators which will keep you updated about the waiting notifications.

6) Camera app

An innovative camera app have been adapted with Android Oreo which avails quick zoom into a frame by just double tapping the screen. New icons are installed nearby the shutter button which simplifies switching between the camera and video mode.

7) Improved keyboard navigation

Another impressive feature is improved keyboard navigation. Majority of the users are navigating an app making use of physical keyboard with the entry of Play Store on Chrome OS. A more predictable and reliable model have been brought with this update which has improved tab and arrow navigation which helps both end users and developers.

8) Security enhanced

This is not something that is promptly visible when you install Oreo in your Android. Well, but it do works efficiently in uplifting security of your device. This will function in the background and keep your device safe from virus, worms and hackers. This is basically a new security layer for your Android device.

9) Audio improved

Wireless speakers, earbuds, and wireless Bluetooth headphones are something in trend these days and its quite blatant if Oreo focus on this and bring improvement therein. It supports Sony’s LDAC wireless codec which can stream audio three times better than that of standard Bluetooth. It is also introducing AAudio which works in improving low latency audio.

10) Smart text selection

Text selection has become very smart with Oreo and this feature is really amazing. Let me give you an example: if you are copying an address, this feature will initiate navigating you with the directions. If you are copying a phone number, then it will give you an option of dialing it.



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