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Overview About Paper Camera App


The paper camera app takes us back to the age where we used to watch cartoon, read comics book and watch neon lights. With the paper camera you can turn all your imagination into real pictures and videos as you have imagined while reading books such as novels. Paper camera gives you a real time effect i.e. you can click the picture after selecting the effect that you want to appear in it, so you don’t need to edit pictures after clicking them.


As of version 3.2 the paper camera app features a variety of effects such as Comic Boom, Sketch Up, Acquarello, Old Printer, Neon Cola, Contours, Bleaching, Gotham Nor, Half Ton, Granny’s Paper, Pastel Perfect and Andy Pop. The functionality further extends where you can have custom contrast, brightness, lines, shine, slickness and edges.


With paper camera you get ultimate collection of cartoon/sketch/comic book/half tone/noir/neon and several other effects in real time. You can see the real time cartoon-ized world from your camera. You can even give effects to your existing photos. You can even record videos with these special effects.

Review About Paper Camera App


The UI design of the app is same as the effects it is generating in the photos, i.e. the fonts are hand-written with a crayon over a paper and gives a bit 3d look. The camera view is inside the paper looking like a square hole made in paper to get the camera view.


As far as resources are concerned, the app consumes about 10 to 12 MB of RAM on an android 2.3 device. Whenever the app starts it shows a loading progress bar and usually takes about one second to start.


The app comes at INR 99.99 and it can be purchased from Google play store. There are no advertisements displayed inside the app


  • Good UI design.
  • Effects can be generated real time in pictures and videos.


  • The Camera screen becomes a bit small while selecting effects.
  • Device goes to sleep mode even if the app is active.

In the nutshell, paper camera app is good to use if you want effects in real time and you like capturing and transforming your photos into cartoon, comic, neon and other provided effects for INR 99.99.

TAE rating 4.6/5

You can get the Paper Camera App here


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