App Making – What Does An Average App Make?

What does an average app make, is like posing the question how much does an average educated person make? How much one earns of course depends on a number of factors.

For app developers, the first factor to consider is -for whom are you developing this app?

App Making

Are you making your app for Android, iOS or Windows? Who you are making an app for, will greatly affect how much you can possibly earn. Of course, it’s no secret that Android dominates the smartphone market with over 90 million phones sold, Apple’s iOS comes in second with over 60 million phones sold and Windows phones which have sold over 12 million phones. If you want to reach out to a larger audience, choose Android – the more the number of users the more the number of people who can access your app. You may also like download hotstar videos here.

But Is It Really That Simple?
Not quite. Android offers free app downloads in large amounts tough beneficial to the user, this cuts into the pocket of the app maker, not only does the app maker earn less due to free apps but people also tend to download extremely few paid apps when they have such a large range of free apps to their avail. On an average, the Android market has 60,000 downloads per app and it earns the revenue of a mere $.01875 per app. Apple on the other hand, has a user ship of over 60 million which is 30 million less than that of Google, but it brings in $.15 per download on an average. As Apple offers only a limited number of free apps you can get a good deal if you are trying to offer a free app on iOS. Paid downloads in iOS brings the app makers around $.99 oer download. Similarly, app makers making apps for the Windows platform earn around $.1538 revenue on an average per app – due to the limited availability of free apps.

So Does It Increase The Revenue For App Developers?
Yes it does. Apple, at its Worldwide Developer conference, accounted for a $5billion pay off to app developers whereas Google has an approximate pay out of $900 million and windows $650 million. Do keep in mind that Google has a larger number of users than that of Apple.

On A More Personal Level
The app Angry birds has generated a revenue of $4.5 million for the developers after Apple’s cut. But each and every app is not like Angry birds. On an average, an app developer earns $500 for an average paid app, the cost is however not enough to cover the costs of the app, especially those that require constant updates and have a lot of competition.

So How We Increase Our Revenue?
Advertising is the answer. Advertising tough will generate more revenue should be used wisely, as a user may just stop actively using an app if it displays too many adds.

There are a lot of apps in the market, few breakeven fewer make a big profit, but when they do they make it big like Angry birds, Instagram, Truecaller etc. The key is to keep it original and unique, something that appeals to the mass and something nobody has done before.


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