• Top Trends In User Search Behavior For App Downloads!

    Any app that any user wants, they most probably exist except when they are non-English, and then they might not exist in one’s domestic language yet. But how do users get about searching for apps to install? What do they type onto search platforms?

    User Search Behavior for App Downloads

    To date, no marketing company can claim to fully understand the psychology behind users’ search for apps. As an industry that’s booming pretty fast, maybe one day there will be a true behavior analysis that will be of great use for app developers to use against their checklist when developing and marketing their work.

    So, is everything uncertain?
    Of course no! There is however certain trends in the search for apps that have become really easy to predict hence the power of key words.

    In the Gaming niche…
    When it comes to gaming – where most apps revenue comes from, most people get to know about them through reviews online by avid gaming journalists who get the first and exclusive access to trying new apps. It is no wonder then that sometimes gamers look up new apps by typing names of top tech or gaming writers as the first point of entry to their search for new apps to install. This is however typical for the adult demography. Take that away and move into the space where most of the game installers are children and teens – their searches are usually based on word of mouth or basic typing of the word ‘games’.

    In the educational and business niche…
    When it comes to educational and business apps, most people already know what they are looking for and tend to type in one or two words in their searches. For example, people looking for strategies – most words typed in searches would include, ‘Communications strategy’, ‘PR strategy’, ‘business strategy’, ‘sales strategy’ and ‘marketing strategy’ OR just the word strategy which then brings up most of the aforementioned strategies.

    The lifestyle niche…
    In the search for entertainment or lifestyle informative apps users tend to just type in exactly what they are looking for such as food festival, rock concert, restaurants, art shows, night clubs, events, cycling, baseball, etc.

    And then on the other extreme end of users, there are those who like to type in the most bizarre words or phrases out there. But these also bring about apps that users never knew existed. Take for example the word ’boo’. How many people are actually going to type that in, right? Not a lot because somehow, the human mind seems to lean towards the functions of what they are looking for and therefore tend to stick to words that describe it. However, the word ‘boo’ will bring up a lot of cartoon apps but also brings up beach house, kitchens, and interior decor apps as well. Crazy, right?

    Otherwise, when it comes to the general behavior when it comes to searching for apps, most users rely on the recommended or suggested ones, popular ones, advertising and recommendations on social media platforms.

    Did you find the article to be useful? Do you agree with the author or do you think that he is missing something important over here. Please share your comments and we always welcome questions!

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