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Bad Reviews: Not For Your Mobile App

Mobile App Bad review

Users are the ultimate ruler of app sector, don’t you think? Yes, it is so if they give a thumbs up, app ranks at the top and if they give thumbs down, your app will be thrashed badly in the app store. Being a client or being the developer, what revolves around the user’s mind is something that should be kept at the highest priority. Do you shop online? If yes, then when you find some dress adorable, do you order it right away? No, right. What you do is check users reviews and ratings. If you find negative feedback, you will give the second thought to your purchase and most probably end up not buying it even though you liked it.

The same thing applies when things come to mobile application development. With bad reviews, more people will refrain from downloading the app. The mobile app is never successful if the users don’t accept it with open hearts. When the users are really keen to use and satisfied with the app, they will further provide their review to make an improvement to their convenience. If you are boggling your mind on what to do if your app also gets negative reviews then stop it right there. Instead, you should think how to come up with an app that doesn’t get bad reviews at all. Prevention is always better than cure. It’s heart breaking when even after putting your heart and soul, what you get in the end is criticism and no fruitful results. To avoid this heartbreak, here are some of the ways you can stay away from bad reviews for your app.


Tips To Avoid Bad Reviews of Your Mobile App


1) Don’t Be Furious

The intuitive reaction to the negative reaction is to take the comments personally. This makes you furious and encourages you to attack the person who commented. Hold your horse’s buddy, is this the right way to tackle? Give the feedback a second thought and analyze it from the side of the user. He posted such feedback only when he has genuinely faced trouble using it. Scrutinize your app and co-relate it with troubles that user have mentioned. You might end up discovering that users had stressful moments with your app.

2) Pioneer The Issue

If your app has been the root cause of the user’s bad experience, then what you need to do first is to be polite and apologize. Make them believe you will do whatever it takes to convert their bad experience into the good one. Being there for them and making them believe that their opinion does matter and you acknowledge their inconvenience and take responsibility to make their further app journey beautiful.

3) Reimburse Your Users

Just showing that you feel bad and regret about the troubles caused is not enough. Actions speak louder than words and hence entail them with some virtual benefits, some discount offers or some privileged rights to reimburse them for the loss caused to them due to your app. By such steps, you will convey the message that it was not your intention to give them bad user experience. This might change their mind and even after bad review, they can give positive feedback, showing all the measures you took that delighted them with words of praise building your brand image despite breaking it.

4) Divert The Feedback Channel

Top mobile app development agency usually keeps the feedback channels separate. This way they can troubleshoot users issues and also save the app from facing defamation. Keeping the feedback channel different and not visible can work two ways. Bad reviews will be silently solved but the good one will also not be disclosed.



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