Thought About Calendar Apps?

It is common knowledge that a systematic approach works wonders for your work. In an increasingly busy society, keeping track of a day’s schedule is definitely not easy. Between the flood of social media, the Google home page always on your screen and your phone’s stock calendar, some appointments just tend to get lost in the chaos. A lot of us try to maintain calendar, but end up struggling with them. This is precisely the problem that a ton of calendar apps out there in the market aim to solve, by offering organized and streamlined solutions. In the age of the digital world, paper calendars hardly work for people. A calendar app lets you keep track of everything, be it schoolwork, important business appointments, important birth dates. And such apps are not even age specific; the target audience includes anyone and everyone who can operate a smart device, since everybody needs a schedule.

There are some great calendar apps available on both Android and the iOS. While some display calendar information on the phone screen, other can be customized to play a sound to remind you of important events. For people who work on deadlines, there are even some apps that count down the days before a specific event takes place.

A lot of apps sync with your Google Calendar to check if you have free slots to schedule an appointment. After adding the meeting to the calendar, you can create a note about the details of the meeting and other things that may help you prepare for it. A direct snap from the camera or a saved picture in your gallery can also be added or pinned to your calendar. This feature is especially useful when it is a product or an item that your calendar is reminding you about – say for example a bicycle that needs repair, or a book that you need to buy by so and so particular date.

Aside from all the usual features, some apps even offer day, week, month and list views, event alarms, holidays listings for as many as 35 different countries, collapsible weeks and anything else that you may possibly need to be reminded about. Long range events like holidays that are 5 months away can be planned easily, and so can a marriage that is in the coming week. Some apps even let you create and edit your own calendar. You can highlight events according to your own colour scheme, not just the default settings of the app.

Calendar apps have become a very effective tool for time management, and your memory back up for important events. Once you get used to such a powerful app, it would be very difficult to miss the birthday of a distant relative, your dog’s monthly trim, picking up the laundry from the dry cleaners, the deadline for the history assignment, an upcoming exam or an important meeting with a client.


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