Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies Used in Mobile Apps

In modern app development, artificial intelligence is right now a huge trend. We see AI pouring into all activities we are used to, including medicine, education, economics, and production as mobile apps are concerned. 

AI’s complexities and troubles are no longer problematic and technological advancements happen faster than anyone could have anticipated. The market right now for the use of artificial intelligence is quickly booming and the top development agencies actively upgrade apps and skills to take full advantage of AI. 

Artificial Intelligence Benefits For Mobile Apps

The Use Of Machine Learning Through Neural Networks

Machine learning is highly useful when it comes to technologies like voice synthesis, forecasting, aerospace, mortgage valuation, financial market analysis, and much more. Neural networks (which is what we normally refer to when thinking about machine learning) are now used by people from all around the world without even realizing it. 

Machine learning in mobile apps is present when we do tasks like:

  • Drafting email messages and automatically recognizing email addresses for receivers as we start typing. 
  • Agents and smart symbols in computer games. 
  • Digital cameras’ automatic focusing and face detection. 
  • Automatic voice recognition. 
  • Signature authentication.
  • Automatic check reader. 

Even the translation apps offered by Microsoft and Google now use neural networks. This made it possible to launch offline language translators powered by artificial intelligence for both Android and iOS

Learning User Behavior Patterns

Natural language processing and machine learning can be combined to create a realistic interaction with app features, all based on what the user likes. Artificial intelligence is capable of studying user behavior and usage patterns to offer better usability. Implementing this in mobile applications means the experience of the user is highly personalized. 

An example of an app using this feature is Netflix. It collects user data to offer the best possible content recommendations. 

Conversational User Interface

This is a highly popular addition that improves communication as you use a mobile app. You are surely already aware of speech recognition but adding conversational UI to the mix gives access to robust communication. 

Finance and management apps take full advantage of conversational UI to interact with users through text or voice messaging. Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing payments, spending habits, balances, and then offering personalized financial recommendations. 

Automated Reasoning

In mobile apps that revolve around improved productivity, this AI technology takes center stage. An example is how Uber uses it in its app. Automated reasoning is employed to determine the fastest route for dropping users to a destination. The technology is actively collecting data from all drivers to find these routes. 

Rapidly Completing Monotonous Tasks

In many jobs, there are several monotonous repeated tasks performed every single day. Artificial intelligence helps to finish these faster and with great ease. As a result, creativity is improved while time is gained. In mobile apps, AI is capable of repeating tasks with the best possible results every single time. 

Top Artificial Intelligence Technologies Used In Mobile Applications

The main AI technologies we need to be aware of right now are the following. 

Speech Recognition

This is by far the most popular artificial technology being used right now in mobile apps. Examples can be seen in Cortana and Siri, which decode and then convert what we say into a new format, one that the computer or mobile device understands. Mobile application development companies now integrate speech recognition in the created app to help with several usability tasks. It is simply a lot easier to talk to the device and give commands than to type. 


This is an AI feature that is particularly useful when it comes to business app development. Companies use it to interact with users who want to learn more about features, the company, or just want to offer feedback. 

To put it as simple as possible, a chatbot is like a virtual assistant that is capable of answering the most common questions users have. We now see the technology used by the top tech companies in the industry, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple. 

Natural Language Technology

This technology is used in apps that help with customer service. The app becomes more effective at creating market reviews and reports when taking advantage of natural language tech. 

Machine Learning

We already highlighted machine learning’s benefits to AI use in mobile app development above. This very popular artificial intelligence technology is actually right now used in most mobile applications, especially when referring to corporate apps. For a corporate application, machine learning can be very valuable since it helps with forecast and classification. Basically, if the business involves any type of forecast, a machine learning feature in the mobile app can do wonders. 


This is practically an artificial intelligence capable of analyzing, identifying, and measuring human behavior. We see it used in countless mobile apps and even in gaming smartphones. The technology helps recognize the human body’s shape, structure, size, and various other physical aspects. Biometric artificial intelligence technology is also known as gesture control, sensory recognition, and voice recognition. We mainly see it used in research and marketing. 

Image Recognition

Mobile app development completely changed with the use of image recognition. The technology is now capable of detecting objects present in videos or digital images. We can see it used to identify license plates, analyze users, diagnose diseases, and a whole lot more. 

Text Recognition

Text recognition is a part of natural language processing. It lets users quickly find relevant information needed through an app as it looks through search engines, solid texts, and the news. We see the technology actively being used in security and fraud detection systems. 

Emotion Recognition

This is a rather new artificial intelligence use that lets the mobile app read human emotions. This is possible with the use of advanced image processing and audio data analysis. As a result, the mobile app captures the human senses as it analyzes subtle speech signals and voice intonation. Many startups now try to use and improve the technology and it is expected it will be a huge hit in the future. 

Final Thoughts

AI is now a huge part of mobile app development. It will not disappear and will just keep growing in use and popularity. App developers have to take full advantage of artificial intelligence and users actually want to see more and more AI included. It is easy to understand why since the possible applications are endless. 



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