Measure Your App Reach

In the midst of fiery competition in the app market, a publisher needs to keep track of how his app is performing if he doesn’t want to lose out on the potentiality in terms of revenue his app has in the long run. So the difficult question that arises here would be: How does he measure that potential? Which metrics does he look at? And which metric fits best for his app?

The best way to answer these questions is by question:

  1. Is your app being downloaded but not being used? In cases where a high volume of dynamic content can be expected from your app, you would want to find out this answer. What is your app’s interaction rate?
  2. Is any relevant information that relates to your app being browsed? Are these users downloading and using your app? In other words what is your app’s engagement rate?
  3. Does your app have an option of seeking feedback or reviews from users? How are you going to make the best use of this mechanism?

Measure Your App Reach

Web and mobile analytics can go a long way to answer a developer’s questions. Numbers can play an important role when it comes deciding on your target group. There are options of third party measurement software that can be integrated with the app. This would help in tracking several patterns on usage.

Web Trends, Flurry, Motally, Localytics, Google Analytics can all help in this regard.

Measure Your Mobile App Reach

Their services basically help a publisher to:

  1. Track the rate of usage and deep dive into the relationship between usages and downloads.
  2. Find out the right audience and build it by knowing where your kind of audience lives.
  3. Keep a track of the time when the app is being used the most frequently.
  4. Find out valued customers and utilize them to increase the app’s visibility.
  5. Learn in which sectors the app does well in terms of demographics, geography, gender and more.

These services can be availed for free from Flurry, Google, Localytics and Motally. You can have a more detailed analytical solution with enterprise versions of the above or from the services that are paid like WebTrends and Omniture. It is advisable that publishers start off with the free services and then upgrade to premium services after having made an initial measurement of the app.

As an app publisher make sure you focus on the following points:

  1. Know the number of users who use the app on a daily basis
  2. Find out traffic sources which direct your app viewers to your app and convert the same into downloads.
  3. Know the version of the app which is the most downloaded and understand which version needs upgrades.
  4. Make sure that your app is compatible with any OS so that it runs smoothly without any bugs.
  5. Identify the loyal viewers.
  6. Have the bugs fixed before they start making your app crash. This might be very much required not to lose out on loyal users.
  7. Numbers will not reveal behavior of the consumer and you will have to find out the same with the help of analytics.

An app can do well only if you know where and when it will do well. So it’s high time you measure how your app is behaving in this fierce competition.



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