Hard To Sell Games Even Below $1 – Find Out Why?

An app becomes a misrepresentation of a hot cake if you talk about the app market today. It is not that the app market is not doing well. In fact it is one of the most booming markets in today’s scenario. That is the main reason probably why people are finding it easy to put their money on developing apps. But in front of the fierce competition we all know that apps never have it easy when it comes to earning a good chunk of profit. Be it a simple application or a game, maybe there have been so many prototypes of the idea you had just banked on that users are just not willing to shift to a new app however good it might be in terms of usability or the X factor. By X factor I mean a unique, catchy appeal with enhanced features than the original competitor app in the market.

Why Hard to Sell Mobile Games?


Why Hard To Sell Games Below $1

Let’s Talk About Games Today

Let’s start off with a simple example. Just assume that every user who can download your app has no background knowledge of what android or an iOS platform is, no prior information of how cool apps can be. In simple words assume him to be the dumbest fellow on the planet who could download your app. Now with this imagination in your backend, just think on the ways why will he want to download your app. It is the first day he has learnt about apps and so he grabs a bit of the real information from his favorite source Wikipedia.

What Does He Do Next?

He searches for blogs which recommends him some cool games. And you know how these bloggers work – They also do their secondary research from the simple aspect of going through the newest apps, top grossing apps and the top free apps. They just try them and if they find anything cool about the same, they mention about it. Now there’s where the X factor comes in. They will write about your app if they find that uniqueness and the appeal. If you haven’t used the basic strategies, maybe you would never even come close to being featured in these apps and considering the fact that all users are dumb individuals, then you are not earning a single penny for your app.

Pricing strategy is what you need to play with and you need to play it safe. Anything below $1 is really cheap. But why aren’t you then making it free. This may have the following reasons:

  1. You don’t see much scope for subscription services in your app.
  2. You think a freemium model doesn’t work for your app.
  3. Even ads cannot be a reason for your profit margin because you are not confident of your initial traffic.

mobile gaming pricing strategy

You would want these reasons for a pricing strategy as low as $1:

  1. You know such a game already exists and it is free. But it follows a freemium model for which you think a user has to at the end of the day shell out more. Your app comes with complete features and there’s no need to depend on in app purchases.
  2. A similar game exists but is not doing really well. You know you can make the idea catchier and bank on the fact that since it is catchy, appealing, user friendly, bug free you are quoting a price for that exciting game of yours.

Get your app in the new releases list so that bloggers can pick it up from that list and review it by mentioning the correct release date. This will be read by a lot of people and increase your game app visibility. Nowadays because there are so many games with the same idea in the backend, people are getting tired to even search for the best app amongst them. But then you know there have been games like Temple Run, Subway Surf and Agent Dash which have the same idea and still have been in the list of the top downloaded games. The reason is simple – your $1 game has to be simple but sophisticated in the way people view it which in technical terms is graphics.


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