5 Best Apps to Keep You Connected During COVID-19

In uncertain and daunting times like a global pandemic, i.e., COVID’19, the most powerful connection you have is with each other. The impact this global pandemic has made on the entire world is petrifying because it has locked everyone in; people are losing jobs, going into depression, and, most of all, barely holding on. Kids have no school; people are working from home, which makes staying connected just that important.

So, what are your options to connect with your friends and family around the world? There are already options like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But there are other apps to connect and have fun at the same time.

Best Apps to Connect During COVID’19

With being stuck at home, people are spending a lot more time on their phones and social media, which has become monotonous. While there are video calling apps, there are also mobile games developed by each mobile app development company to keep the interactions fun.

Here are the top 5 apps that will keep you connected during these difficult times.

1. Zoom

Zoom has been the most popular mode of communication in large organizations, online school classes, and casual chatting. Zoom was developed and in 2011, and founded by Eric Yuan. The American based company is headquartered in San Jose, California. The app offers non-stop videotelephony and online chat rooms for a large group of people.

There was a time Zoom wasn’t as popular as it is today. More people use it because it offers great features and non-stop verbal communication. Zoom offers features like,

  • Setting up online meetings – with clients and employees
  • Video webinar – to host big seminars
  • Conference rooms – for collaboration over important discussions and online classes
  • Phone system – phone calls for a small price to anywhere in the world
  • Chat – a chatting option for those who prefer to leave texts.

Zoom offers four different subscription packages that range between basic, pro, business, and enterprise. Basic is a free subscription, while the other three are monthly subscriptions that will help you get more out of Zoom and its features.

2. Netflix Party

People have always loved watching movies at the cinema with friends, but COVID’19 has deprived them of going anywhere. For that problem, your solution is simple – Netflix Party! Netflix Party is a simple plugin for browsers that allows multiple users to watch a show or movie together on Netflix. All parties download and install the plugin, then Netflix synchronizes video playback for all the group members.

So, how does it work? All of you get together, and one person creates a party that can be joined via an invite link. The party can also be customized with nicknames and emojis. Use Netflix Party for your next movie night, during this pandemic and have fun.

3. Rave

Rave is an improved and advanced version of the Netflix Party. While Netflix Party only works with Netflix and is just a Google Chrome extension, Rave is much more than that. It is also an app that was developed in 2017 and is under the supervision of Mike Pazaratz. The app is available on Android and iOS, and it’s all about connecting people to watch content on Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, and more. The choices to binge anything on the internet are endless with Rave.

Additionally, you can also use Rave to watch your downloaded movies. Some of the other features include:

  • Connecting with friends via texts or voice chats while watching movies
  • Syncing your smartphones for nonstop movie fun and to create an instant speaker system.
  • Creating and uploading your mashups and movies to enjoy with friends.

The Rave app is free to use for every user and a perfect platform to connect with friends and family during a global pandemic.

4. Discord

Discord is a widely popular mode of communication that is the number one choice for gamers. The app is available for desktop, smartphones, and PCs on Android, iOS, and Windows. The app allows people to make free of charge servers that can have categorized channels for different topics and discussions. Discord is best-known for its top-quality voice chats because the data transmission is flawless and smooth. It doesn’t have any lags and offers a mobile carrier like calling experience.

The features that Discord offers are:

  • Multiple chatting and voice channels based on topics.
  • One to one and server video calling option.
  • Personalized emojis and stickers for the users of the server.
  • Automatic call joining – no need to call, all you have to do is click the voice channel to join.
  • Join multiple servers.
  • Live streaming for games, videos, movies, and shows.

For users who wish to get more out of their Discord experience. The platform offers a Discord Nitro feature that allows you to use emoji from every server across multiple servers. The nitro experience, however, comes at a small price.

5. Words with Friends

Who doesn’t love playing games with friends? In a global pandemic like the COVID’19, there are only so many people who can talk about it. People run out of things to discuss, and that’s where Words with Friends plays a role. The app is old, but it’s still fun. Friends and family love to play this game because it’s like playing scrabble from the comfort of your home.

The app also offers a chat option that can be used to send messages to everyone you’re playing with. If all else fails, you can play while voice chatting using Discord or WhatsApp calls. That will make the game even more interesting!

Don’t Get Bored – Stay Connected!

COVID’19 is truly a nightmare that no one probably dreamt of. It has brought lives to a halt and caused major chaos and disruption. The only way to survive this pandemic is by staying inside as much as you can stay connected with friends. We hope that one of these apps will help you have a good time, and let you escape from the crisis the world is facing. Good luck!


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