Simple Techniques to insanely grow blog traffic:

There are hundredths and thousands of blogs available online but only a very few thousands of them are popular and attract significant readership. Building a blog by posting content and writing articles is one side of the paradigm, what is more, important is maintaining the blog traffic. For all those bloggers who have been wondering how to increase the blog traffic, we save some of the most essential and yet simple tips that help in putting the blog on the map back.

Some tips to grow the blog traffic:

  1. Creating audience-oriented content:

The content of the blog is what that attracts the readers. Before creating the content learn who the target audiences are. Understand the audience better and learn the topics that they enjoy to read the most. Understand what makes the people come back to the blog, create the content in its best format so that it helps in gathering more social shares and visits. Good content always demands action from the audience and with the right content; it is possible to attract a lot of traffic.

  1. Hold a contest:

Contests are a common thing liked by all the people. Everyone loves the rush feeling that they could win in the content. Contests are excellent traffic generators when done right. The type of the contest decides the quantum of traffic and using a cross platform will help the audience to share the content on other social media for more entries and popularity.

  1. Arrange for an interview with an expert:

People love to be interviewed and also to watch interviews, try for interviews from popular influencers in the niche. Ending up in interviewing an influencing person becomes easy if you follow the person to be interviewed, subscribe to their newsletters and interact with them as much as possible. The result of interviews is always amazing to drive traffic and for brand recognition.

  1. Guest post:

Guest posting on expert blogs helps in getting featured in expert sites. Guest posting outreach is an excellent strategy to use for amateur bloggers who are new to the niche and wish to have some exposure. The content that you post will address the brand new audience and there are many chances to get a link back to the website. Guest blogging is, of course, a long term strategy and the blogger won’t get a quick win, but it is one of the most powerful techniques to grow the blog traffic.

  1. Re-purpose the old content:

Bloggers can repurpose and reuse content without altering it. If the blogger posts a lot of evergreen content, then they can share that content on a regular basis. With evergreen content, the date and time of posting don’t matter, it is possible to re-share such content that is years old. Sharing a piece of content on the social media platforms, for a number of times over the course of the year will yield a lot of traffic from it. It is an insanely way to get the most out of existing content if it is relevant and up to date.

  1. Create infographics:

Infographics have always been popular and to enhance the blog traffic, it is a good idea to include a lot of infographics on the blog page. Use sources for infographic templates that are as credible as possible. It is also possible to create infographics by self by using credible online sources. But as a blogger, if you are not confident with your designs, then it is always possible to take help from a designer. After creating and designing the infographic, the most important part is to promote it.

  1. Webinar:

For most bloggers wanting to grow their website traffic, holding a webinar is a preferred choice. The webinars are very helpful in driving tons of website traffic. Webinars help people learn a lot of new stuff for free. Before choosing to post a webinar choose a topic that you are thorough at inside out and have a short bio featured, telling people who you are. Inside the webinar use short and information loaded slides, use bulletin points, and short sentences and of course media comprising of statistics, charts, graphs, videos, etc.

  1. Podcast:

Podcasts find extensive use in guest post outreach services. Podcasts are bite sized webinars that help in generating an excellent source of traffic from people who are otherwise not exposed to the content or the brand. Leverage on an excellent podcast idea for every subject imaginable; create it in a unique angle to stand out of the crowd. Find a way to record the podcast and upload the same to many sites. Podcasts with great and interesting content never fail to attract traffic.

Final words:

These are the simplest yet the most effective techniques to grow the traffic of the blog. Most of the successful bloggers have tried these techniques at some point in their lives and have benefitted from it tremendously.


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