Best Essay Writing Apps for Students

A student requires all the help available to deliver the best essay. Apps incorporate the latest technology to help students with typing, citation, referencing, organizing essays, and editing, among other aspects of essay writing. You can also use apps to buy essays with no plagiarism online, helping you to deliver the best paper. 

There are numerous apps that you can use to make writing easy. However, not all apps are credible enough to help you in the process of writing. You also do not need all the apps while others can perform multiple roles. 

Before looking at individual apps, it helps to understand the criterion for choosing one app over another. Here are features that make an app helpful in your essay writing process. 

  • Features- what features does the app offer and will they solve your writing problem? For example, you might be looking for math help. You need an app that can accommodate the formulas as opposed to one that edits language. 
  • Ease of use- the best apps are easy to use for students. You do not have all day to learn difficult procedures and features when using an app. The best app should offer a seamless user experience. 
  • Accurate- are the answers displayed or the results obtained once you make commands accurate? The app is supposed to help you deliver a better paper. If it makes a calculation, for example, the answer offered given must be correct. If you are using an editing app, it should capture the errors accurately. 
  • Affordable- how much do you have to pay to use an app? Many of the writing apps offer free features. However, a few require a subscription to access advanced features. Considering that you are a student, it should be affordable to use these apps in writing your essays. 

Check reviews of different essay writing apps as given by students. Do not experiment with the use of apps on actual assignments because the results might be unsatisfactory. Reviews give the experiences of other users, helping you to decide whether to use an app or not.

Here are the best essay writing apps for students.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is used by all writers as an editing assistant. Fiction, essay, copywriting, bloggers, and assignment writers use the app to identify errors in their work, correct these errors, and deliver a readable paper. The app will highlight such issues as punctuations, typing errors, and poor phrasing. 

Pro Writing Aid is available for use on devices using different operating systems. You have the option of a free version with limited features or you can pay a little fee for advanced features. The advanced features come with a 14-days trial period to help you ascertain whether the features will work for you. 

Pro Writing Aid is now used by millions of editors, copywriters, students, and authors. Its users prefer the app because of its short learning curve. It will help you to deliver an error-free essay even though your editing skills might not be up to scratch. The app is available as an add-on on MS Word and other word processing platforms so that you do not need to copy and paste your work on websites. 


Grammarly is another editing app that will polish grammar in your essay. Besides helping you with the current paper, you will understand the reason behind the issues highlighted as errors in your essay. It helps you to avoid similar mistakes in the future. 

Grammarly highlights such issues as punctuation, spelling mistakes, poor word choices, and repetition in your essay. You have the option of ignoring the perceived errors, especially if you are engaged in creative writing. If an error or word is repeated in your essay, Grammarly will highlight it. Such an app helps you to remain within the keyword standards required.

Grammarly goes a notch higher than many other editing apps by picking out plagiarized sections. It will even direct you to the website where the content was lifted. The app, therefore, performs multiple roles, helping you to deliver the best essay using only a single app. 

Grammarly offers a free version with limited features. The advanced features are available upon subscription at a fair price. Grammarly is also available as an add-on on MS Word and other word processing platforms. It saves you the trouble of having to paste your work on other websites and platforms. 


Evernote is an organizational tool. It helps you to gather materials for your essay and organized them for easier use in writing. It accommodates materials in different formats like PDF, images, and word processing documents. You can even include videos and audio clips in your database. 

Each database is personalized by including a search word or name of the file. You can add and access the materials from any gadget because Evernote is cloud-based. This feature allows you to work on your essay from any location. 

Evernote also allows you to create notes directly. You can create them as lists and attach specific documents or reference materials to each entry. It works like creating an outline with all the materials you need to support each point in your essay. 

Evernote has a minimalistic interface. It is easy to learn and use. The app also comes with an advanced search option, helping you to extract documents easily using the keywords used to save them on the app. 

Evernote is free for students and offers a substantial storage space before they begin charging you. You can create and delete databases based on your current assignment. The app runs on gadgets using iOS as well as Android operating systems.


The app is used to create graphics and edit images for inclusion in your essay. It is easy to learn and produces graphics that appear to be professionally prepared. The app can create graphics in multiple formats for sharing on different platforms. 

A writing app is only as appropriate as it can help you to deliver a better paper. Consider the accuracy of the app as well as the cost of using the features you need. Check reviews to avoid wasting time or resources on apps that do not meet required standards.



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