Launching Your First App – The Must Dos

Eureka! You are done with your first app – now what? The app is just what you would want in your app and you are really happy about it – now what? You would not want to settle for charity – you know this app is going to get you a lot of money and this is one step to the dream of being a millionaire. You are nervous but you are excited, you can feel the shiver down your spine on a fine hot summer, you can hear the sound of every gulp you drink and you don’t complain about traffic anymore. What’s wrong? What’s happening? You are about to make the first launch of your first app and you don’t want your app to be just another download in the crowd. A perfect launch is all you can eat, pray and think. So how are you going to go about it? What will be those essential steps you won’t like to miss? Maybe what follows next might just help you execute those steps at the right time:

Must Do For First Mobile App

  1. Define the problem before solving it: Einstein once quoted “If I had 5 minutes to save the world, I would spend 90% of the time defining the problem”. You need to define why you want to make the app, what will be the exact use of the app and how would it serve a similar purpose differently or better than apps existing in the market.How does this help: It helps you direct your energy and your money in the right direction and curbs additional costs that might crop up in the middle because the purpose wasn’t very clear.Launching First Mobile Application
  2. Your problem is well defined but it has been previously defined by other publishers too: This is actually a problem in disguise to help you discover your market if there are apps serving the same purpose. You need to find out how similar they are and jot out the points where your app can be different and better than those apps. You need to check if any similar app is on the top app list and have a comparative analysis of the positives and negatives between your app and the top performing app. If there is no top performing, top grossing app similar to your app design, maybe you have hit a fresh idea or the market for your app is limited. So you need to have a thorough search of similar apps to know where you would want to stay in the market and find out whether it’s a limited market or whether your app is absolutely a new idea in the market.
  3. Learning from your peers: You need to identify the strong points of your highly performing competing similar apps – you can check reviews, blogs discover what features are being liked, what are the in app purchases being made the most, what revenue strategy is being used, are they being given for free or do they have subscriptions or run banner ads. Finally this learning can give you a product your users will love.
  4. Build your user base: Have a blog or a fan page for your app to start the pep talk on your app. A twitter account always helps. Engage the users – make the best of your marketing skills – recommend the product rather than trying to be an annoying salesman. And after you have built your user base.Launch your App – but before that do remember to test your app. A beta version might help in a perfect launch too and will make users want the complete version to be ready as soon as possible if you app can be really catchy. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to make that launch perfect.


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