Great App Ideas For The US Market

The United States is one of the leading technological superpowers of the world and not surprisingly, leads the race when it comes to app creations too. No wonder, you would want to target a sizeable target audience in the US when you launch your mobile app. Here are a few important points to look out for before entering the markets:

  1. Novelty: Everyone likes to receive pleasant surprises and if your application brings in something special and astonishingly revolutionizing, then it may well be a huge success in the US markets. Though people do prefer trusted applications, but the upcoming apps which bring in something unexpected are very much enjoyed. For example, we have already heard about the voice to text app. But an Android app called the “text to voice” is being loved very much lately by the US market. It is something which they have never even heard of. Statistically speaking, it is used by 16% of the Android users of USA.
  2. Sequels Are Good: Generally, people tend to reject the revised or the updated versions of the applications, just by measuring them on the scale of reputation set by their parent apps. However, the truth is that even such sequels can prove to be very likeable which so is in the case of US markets. As an example, the “Angry Birds Rio” which is the next version of the super popular game Angry Birds, it is still being loved by the Americans just like the original one. It is being used by 13.6% of the android users of America. So, if you have created an app and now you are thinking of launching its next version, go for it!
  3. For The Money Makers: The United States has a fairly large population of businessmen, entrepreneurs, dealers and brokers. Considering this fact, a utility application providing reading, noting, writing and saving facilities can be a major one. It means that the app entrepreneurs need to focus on the need of Office documents for the students and business pros. The “Quick Office Pro” is the best example of such an app. It is used by 25.3% of the android users around.
  4. Utility Apps: Every application is made to solve a particular problem. This is why an app entrepreneur should make sure that his app is up to the mark in this task. The people from USA are very fond of the apps which give them something new. The applications like the “Barcode Scanner” (used by 13.9% of the Android users in USA), the “Weather Channel” (used by 17.8%), the “Pandora Radio” (used by 23.9%), the “Advanced Task Killer” (used by 26.1%) and Google Maps (used by 74.6%) are some of the most prominent examples of the same.

Thus, if you are an application developer, just make sure you are doing fine with these points in mind if you want your application to be a boom in the US Android markets.


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