iOS Apps That Might Appeal To The Android Users

Google services are enjoyable by the iPhone users and there are many iPhone apps to be accessible by the Android users like iCloud Drive, Facetime etc.

The smartphones are covering every aspect of our daily routines making it possible to do all these activities, while on the go. The users of these smartphone devices are always busy and primarily use these devices for making these activities simple and easy with the smartphones. The Android and iOS based apps are battling for a place in the mobility space. But, the rivalry has a friendly note so far as the mobile apps are concerned.

Google services are enjoyed by numerous iPhone users. One good example of this is that of Gboard keyboard which made its inroads for the iOS and later became a part of the Google Play Store.

iOS Apps Appeal To Android Users

The fact remains that Apple does not always sell iOS and the users of Android phones are also in the habit of using Cupertino-based products. But, there are many Apple apps that the users would love to see on Android phones and these are:

  • Remote
  • Message
  • Facetime
  • iCloud Drive
  • TV
  • Airport Utility


Despite the fact that Apple TV acts well as a Digital Media Receiver, the remote that accompanies it is an awful state. The best of Siri Remote is offered by Apple TV Remote as it works as a great companion for Apple TV. So, there is no need to put down your iPhone so that you can enjoy the Apple TV. You can navigate Apple TV with touch gestures. The keyboard can also be used for quickly entering text. Moreover, the remote app can be used along with Siri Remote. It can be used for quick entry of addresses and passwords, while using the keyboards. You may also ask Siri to search for something for listening, watching and playing. You might not fully invest in Apple Ecosystem when you buy Apple TV, so it is wise on your part to invest in Android. It might help you to give a boost to your sales.

iOS Apps Appeal To Android Users


Google has really struggled to find a uniform messaging app that works across all Android phones. So far iOS 10 is concerned, Messages have a lot more similarity with Facebook Messenger. Apple used features like Stickers. So, it is better that Apple goes forward to develop an app that not only syncs across a range of Android devices, but also works across Apple devices.


Facetime, when launched a few years back in Apple event, was supposed to be open-sourced, but it is still locked with Apple devices only. In the meantime, as the Android users are trying to convince the iPhone users to download Duo, it will be wiser on Apple’s part to open up Facetime to Apple. So, till that happens the Google users will have to take all the video calling fun with Google Duo.

iCloud Drive

It is the online storage service from Apple that keeps all your files and accesses them from devices like iPhone, Mac and iPad. In fact, the iCloud app allows you to securely access all the files across the devices. You can keep any types of files, till the storage limit of iCloud Drive is exceeded. Over the last few years we have seen iCloud Drive getting transformed from the behind-the-scene manager of files to a storage locker. All other applications of the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive works across all platforms. It would be ideal for Apple to make it appear in the Play Store.


The Apple TV will appear more like a TV, with the app called TV. It simply acts as a TV guide. The app will consolidate the Movies and TV Shows app. It acts as a location to find video streaming application. The default tab that loads is called the Library. This is where the movies and TV shows that are purchased are stored and it makes it easy for accessing them. So far as Android is concerned, there is no easy way for DRM-locked iTunes movies and TV shows on the Android phones, without any need for undergoing a tedious conversion process.

Airport Utility

Apple has Airport Utility app for iOS for managing your Wi-Fi networks and base stations like Airport Time Capsule, Airport Extreme and Airport Express. You can view a graphical representation of your devices along with the Wi-Fi network. Network settings can be changed and also has advanced features like security modes.



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