Let You In On Secrets About Mobile UX

UX is an ever evolving subject. You can never say this is evergreen in UX, what’s in trend today won’t be in trend tomorrow and hence you cannot master it. So, to be up to date with mobile UX, what you can do is constant A/B test and R&D time and again. UX is kind of the heart of a mobile app development and to keep it beating, here are some of the tips to do so.

Secrets About Mobile UX

1) Choose less but best

Well, you don’t need to portray each and every feature to make your app popular in the market. Dig in deep and find the USP (unique selling point) feature of the app. Display this on each and every screen of your app. Now, this can be any feature like payment method or booking peculiarity, checking the message and so on. By highlighting this one glittering feature, you put aside all other usual features which can act as a black spot on your apps reputation. Working with the web and mobile app are two entirely divergent things. The major difference is with the screen space and that’s challenging for the designers to work in teeny weeny space and give equal focus to each of the features. So, what exactly you should be doing?

  • Put more emphasis on the eye catching feature and suppress the ordinary ones.
  • Assist the users in saving the data, so they don’t have to faff around when they revisit it. They can continue from where they left.
  • Don’t allow the users to take any kind of effort. If the text seems to be complicated, replace it with images. In short, while using the hand on the app, the user must not be compelled to use the mind.
  • Allow the users with ease of retrieving data instead of entering it over and again.
  • Popping up with registration right from the moment user launch the app will for sure make user develop a feeling of hatred for your app.

Secrets About Mobile UX

2) Tutorials of UX

When it comes to mobile app UX, complexity is the biggest drawback you can ever have. Even if there is something complicated, you have to portray it in a way that it looks easy and smooth to the user. Well, this is quite challenging to make a difficult task look easy. A tutorial or walkthrough can be the perfect solution you can have in this situation. What you can do is make use of the coach mark for highlighting the main features of the user interface. A slide show explaining the complex user interface can also be a way out.

3) Navigation that even dumb can understand

Well, we still have circular forms and that can be used to have all the necessary contents like images, words, icons and such others. If you go for traditional navigation for UI then it’s totally fine. Using sidebars and pull down menu are still in trend. The matter of fact is that the use of these things is excessive which no more makes it count in the navigational tools. We as a UX person of the mobile app development company, you have to act smart and come up with a blend of new and old tools and patterns without making any kind of compromise with the user’s accessibility and usage.

4) Content you can’t resist

Believe it or not, content acts a lion’s herds when it comes to engaging users to your mobile app. Well, this doesn’t have any restricted format. Well, it can be in any format whether it is news, social feed update, tips of doing something or tips to avoid while doing something. It can be anything, just anything that amuses attracts and personate the users. UX is like the heart of the mobile app and content is like the heart of the UX. Content should hit the users right through and any extra element is forbidden. The app should not look messy and tacky in any situation. This can take the attention of the users away from the site. Users this day already have low attention span and if you don’t get them to the content right during that time then you might lose them.


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