How To Get Better App Ideas?

I could be different than most people but I get these crazy ideas after a glass of wine or in the shower and then I write them down and sometimes when I look at them say two days later they seem like they aren’t minimal viable products (MVP) but to other people they are. This is when that element of judging ourselves harshly comes in. What you think is crap might actually satisfy a whole audience out there.

How To Get Better App Ideas

  • User Forums
    Sometimes all it takes is lurking in user forums to get an idea of the apps that users are really looking for. Users usually write on different forums that really could make a use to make their social, business or family lives better. Users like these already know what they want and the next thing is to just meet their needs.
  • Existing Users or Peers

    Some of the best app ideas come from just listening to users and a true understanding of what they need to produce an exact app they need. But this stretches further into actually listening to your family and peers to know the exact apps to develop.
  • Following Trends

    One of the best ways to get ideas for an app is to follow trends on what the next hottest thing is going to be. If that said trend can be translated into an app, even better. If not, then looking at apps that are popular and remodeling them into something that users can still relate to and love, then that could be an idea to work with.
  • Brainstorming Sessions

    The toughest way to put together app ideas is probably where you have a rough idea and then sitting on it on your own or with a team to thrash it out and develop it further or can it and develop it into a completely different idea than what you had in mind before. All the same it might be hard to say goodbye to the idea that was your baby but might be good in the long run.
  • Following One’s Passion

    This is really about following what one loves to do in their spare time or is passionate about and churning it into an app.
  • Observation

    There is always need for new tools which makes users’ life easier. People always keep their mobile with them and uses many times in a day. If you can observe the user behavior and their need, I am sure that you can come up with amazing idea which can lead to successful app.

The mobile app industry is not different from any business or industrial business out there. If Steve Jobs had asked people if they needed iPods they would have said they were happy with their Walkman; however when presented with an iPod, everyone wants a piece of it! The truth behind that is the fact that sometimes consumers don’t know what they want until it’s with them. And it takes courage to take an idea into a product that can presented to consumer and they end up loving it and living it, like apps. It’s even better when you come up with an idea like Instagram and it ends up being sold for so much.

What is your way to get ideas for app?


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