So You Think You Can’t Reap From Your App, Think Again

Earning From Your App

Are you one of those 2 out of every 3 app developers who say it is not possible to break through the app market? Or maybe you are among the ones who believe that it’s an elephant task to make anything more than $500 in a month. Well, here is the news. It is extremely hard to break even in the highly competitive app development industry, but that does not mean it is not possible. These tips will help you lift your app from wherever it may be stuck to new heights of productivity and recognition.

Research the Market
The download stats for your app multiply or diminish even before you sit down to write the first code. Why? Coding your app without doing a thorough market research is like attempting to drive in a tough terrain with blindfolds across your eyes. It is imperative that you ensure a market is available for the particular app you want to build. Otherwise, you will by all means be putting the cart before the horse. Use the great resources that are available to help you determine along which line you should launch your app. Distimo, App Annie and Apptrace are all great tools that can help you gain some keener insights into the app market. It may take a while to complete your research, but the results will not disappoint.

Spread the Word
There are many ways of creating your map. Try Mag+ if you lack any programming skills. Coders can manage to get the work done by using complicated algorithms. Whichever way you use, building will most probably be the easiest step to your app entrepreneurship endeavors.

Here is the deal. If you want to gain recognition and earn handsomely from your app development endeavors, you must be ready to create the hype. Use the social media, blogs, forums and press kits to spread the word out there. Create anticipation by getting the word buzzing before the actual launch. Let your fans know what to expect, and finally don’t disappoint. Give them a great app that they would like to share with their friends and relatives.

Use ad networks if your pockets are deep enough.

Optimize for App Stores
Don’t just dump your app in the app stores and expect that consumers will start going over themselves to get it. Optimize. Optimizing your app for the store starts from the very name you choose for your app, does it ring a bell with users trying to find an app in a certain category? And talking about categories, when you are putting your app in the app store, make sure you select a category that suitably suits the functions of your app. Use keywords in your specific App store listing to increase chances of visibility.

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