Apps for Investors – A New Idea

Investors are generally advised to abstain from getting daily updates on their investments. Nonetheless, given the fact that news on various forms on investments has become mobile, most investors cannot resist. When this is the case, how about offering investors a tool that can help them track the status of their investments? With the increase in smartphone penetration, it would be a great idea to offer investors a dedicated application for the same.

App entrepreneurs and app makers should always be on the lookout of new ideas. And here, let’s take a look at a total new concept that you will love!

Invest In The Right Idea!
When you are looking to create a mobile phone application for investors there are a few things that you will have to bear in mind. Let us take you through a guide of that your app should have.

  • Foreign currency trading: The application that you are creating should give live updates on various currency pairs and global stock exchanges. In addition to this, real-time updates on commodities should be a standard feature of the app. Allowing users to set push notifications when new data is released is another feature that you should add.
  • Stock charts: Diagrammatic approach is the best when it comes to analysis of investments. Moreover, allowing users to overlay charts with various drawings such as Fibonacci retracements or tendency lines or make technical indications to the graphs.
  • Sharing: The charts that users have overlaid with various indications and drawings would be more helpful for others when you allow users to share it with peers. People who are running a business under partnership will be benefited when you allow them to share trends in the market.
  • Metals and other commodities: This feature will allow those who invest on metals to get the current quotes on various precious metals such as gold, silver and copper among others. Another added feature would be to display the quote in multiple currencies.
  • Investment news: Expert opinions matter a lot especially when your money is at stake. An application that features expert opinions, discussions, real-time commentary will help investors take the right decision. In addition to this, such discussions will also help first time investors or those who are new in this domain investment on the right stocks.
  • Social network connectivity: Investors usually like to get more information on the trending stocks on social networking sites. Investing is usually a risky affair. This is why investors are advised to ask for recommendations from fellow investors on such platforms. When the app has a built-in social networking plug-in, it becomes easier for investors to connect.

When you are looking to create an application for investors, there is no scope of any error. All the information should be made available in real-time. This is one domain that is emerging as profitable.


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