Is RMAD Tools Really Beneficial For Mobile App Development?

RMAD tools are the perfect choice for those who are not in the availability of the ample amount of time to come up with the development of native app from scratch. Well, maybe it’s a good news for enterprises that they do have such option now. For those low on budget and short on time for app development, RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) tools are the ideal choice. There are big players in the market who have spent more than a decade and grown a massive employee base and need a mobile app for employees. Developing a full-fledged native app can yet be extremely expensive for them but RMAD tends to troubleshoot this issue and emerge with a midway out. Here are some of the features of these tools.

RMAD Tools Beneficial For Mobile App Development

      • Several back-end services for supporting the apps.
      • Fast simple and cost friendly way for app development.
      • No need to write native code and yet have drag and drop integrated development environment.

RMAD service providers are gradually flourishing in the market categorizing themselves as analyst entailing the customers with a varied set of features to choose from. Basically, what mobile app development companies do is integrate app transformation software which comes up with mobile apps like the new access layers over the pre-existing desktop and web apps. This is what RMAD software is all about. Let’s take a sneak peek into whether it is actually beneficial for the customers or not?

1) Back-end services here consist of connectors of every type on the cloud-based database, APIs, feeds and on-premises. These tools can also handle tasks like offline data syncing, app signing and hosting, identity management and push notifications.

RMAD Tools For Mobile App Development

2) RMAD generally integrates a code-free IDE along with certain products having the inclusion of web content, scripting and also native code. There are also RMAD IDEs which also facilitates the free-form creation of any type of UI while others can pay heed on templates or are designed in a way to collaborate common task in a specific workflow with minor designing based upon the app developer.

3) When you have bright and sun shiny side of any app, you also need to have a look at the dark side. For RMAD tools the dark side is that the app is not created from the base which leaves the app with lesser design flexibility. This is not it, apps are also restricted from the usage of latest or specialized features of a device. Coming to the performance, this might also not be as impressive and up to the mark as that of native apps.

4) App with RMAD tools can make use of the basic features like photos, videos, push notifications, location detection and everything that a modern app has with moderate performance.

Business expectation from RMAD tools

Business is at flair of joy with discovery and implementation of RMAD tools and why they would not be? These days even small business are indulging into mobile app development and those who are not are cutting on a plethora of amount of users. Such businesses seek for an app with low investment, the lesser amount of risk, coping with trend and survival in the competition. Well, with already millions of apps existing in the app store, it’s quite complex for an average app to top the app store. Well, having an app developed with RMAD tools will definitely get your business get 24*7 customer visibility but being a good app and making the business more lucrative is difficult to say.

Well, an app developed with RMAD tools also not necessarily follow each and every norm of the IT department like app security, getting the app in focus of the right audience, making updates according to business changes and getting and responding to the feedback. The concept is very attractive but there will always be a dilemma whether it will ever be widely accepted or not.


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