How To Stop Your iPhone And iPad Apps From Crashing?

The debate has been continued since forever on which is better Android or iPhone for app development? Both have dual sides of their own. Well, when coming to iPhone and iPad apps, they are considered to be quite steady and stable having more quality reviews and very fewer complaints. But as we know, nothing is perfect and so is iPhone and iPad app. One of the normal trouble that you encounter with this app is crashing. App crash means your app force quit and take you back to the home screen without your intent. Well, this can be really irritating. You are in the middle of a financial transaction and your IOS app crash. You feel like throwing your phone right away. Well, control your anger, we have better ways to deal with this situation.

App crash can happen in the event of launching the app or even on some specific action taken or sometimes randomly. Don’t get into why your IOS app crash, whether it is your device fault or the iPhone or iPad app development fault. Just set back all these things as we have some universal solutions which will help you to deal with this situation (without losing your mind of course).

Stop iPhone And iPad Apps From Crashing

1) Quit and relaunch

Sometimes you refrain from the simplest solution ahead of us thinking that it won’t work. Well, just give it a try. Quit the app that you are using and the one that faces the crash all the time and just relaunch it. The logic behind this is that by quitting the app you will clear out the app from the memory and then it will get a very clean launch. Bring up the multitasking screen by double clicking the home button. Look for the app that you wish to quit and then swipe the app to quit it. Get back to the home screen and click the icon of the app again and open it again. If this doesn’t solve the issue, follow the next step.

2) Reboot the device

If the above tip doesn’t work, try this one. Very simple, very easy just reboot your iPad or iPhone. This will work very well for combating with the common app crashing issues. Hold the power button and home button until the time the device shows the apple logo for force rebooting your iPhone and iPad. Allow it to boot back and then use the app again. This will solve the issue and if not, our tips list don’t end, learn the next step.

iPhone And iPad Apps From Crashing

3) Update the crashing app

If you are using the outdated version of the app then it can result in app crash. If this is the reason, the solution is quite easy. Just update it to the latest version. Developers will find bugs in the app, fix them and then come up with an update of the app. There are plenty of users who won’t pay heed to the update and you might be one of them. Try updating your crashing app to its latest version and you will see a steady app then. Even if the app is not crashing then also it’s a good habit to keep your apps updated. Just go to the app store and go to the update tab. Install the updates and relaunch the freshly updated app.
Still, issues not solved? Well, this is heights but don’t worry our solution box is not yet empty.

4) Update your IOS version

iPad app development Indialaunches the new version of IOS which has bug fixes and improved functionality which have an impact on the third party apps. When even with the existence of new version, you are using the old one, chances are there your app crash. Along with that, several apps need the new version of IOS to for their features to unlock and work accurately. If nothing else works, this is the last and final resort to make your app work properly. Go to settings, choose general and then go to software update. Choose the option of Download and install and sit back and wait till the entire IOS update finishes. Don’t forget to take back of your entire data on iTunes or iCloud.



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