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Making Real Time Data Apps – The Uses

In the present day, apps are split into two different categories: “static” and “real-time.” Static apps only change their content when the user wishes to receive new data, by reloading a page or accessing a new page, etc. A real-time app however, delivers the information to the user seamlessly without waiting for the user’s input.

What Are The Benefits?
Real-time apps allow users to receive, send and use data on-the-fly. Such functions can be of great use to different people. For example:

  • Businessmen, and especially stock traders, benefit tremendously from real-time data. They can track the data coming in through the entire day and tell whether the market is a bull market or bear market that day and trade likewise. Apps like “Bloomberg”, “Stock Guru”, “StockTouch” and “Yahoo! Finance” are some of the more popular apps for the stock market.
  • In times of grave emergencies, real-time data apps can be of great help. By receiving new information as it happens, users can take the necessary safety precautions to safeguard themselves and their family. This need not apply in just times of catastrophe, though. Even in ordinary day-to-day life, with a real-time safety app installed, family members can track and keep a check on each other. Apps like “The Safety App” and “I’m Fine” are some of the best apps for these kinds of situations.
  • Transportation companies like GetTaxi and Lyft offer apps to help users order taxis by just tapping a few buttons, even allowing you to watch as the taxi you ordered approaches you. These apps are especially useful in stressful times, such as during a rainstorm or when you have an urgent meeting to attend.
  • Online auction houses allow users to bid for items in real-time. App such as “TopHatter”, “Live Auctions” and “Auction Buddy” allow users to participate in virtual bids anytime and anywhere they want.
  • Teachers can use apps like “Edmodo” and “ClassDojo” to help interact with their students and give them positive feedback on their behavior in real-time.

A Rising Trend
By removing the worries about maintenance for real-time, thanks to the power of cloud computing, app developers can now focus on what is truly important: the content, and providing better services and experiences through their products. The apps available now are just the tip of the iceberg; there are more things yet to come!

In fact, real time data is just the beginning. Effective real time data communication ensures that decisions are taken quickly and companies make the most use of their time. There is no need for data compilation as such.

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