Killer App Store Descriptions – How To Describe Your App?

You’ve made your app. You’ve designed it as well. The customer is torn between two choices. Now, what is going to give you some extra edge? What is going to assure that the customer waves the flag in your apps direction? It all in the end amounts to the description of an app. You’ve described your app in the best way possible, then the customer would be obliged to buy your app. Description is what matters when selling your product. You can glamorize your product through description, making sure that the customer wholly understands that his life would be incomplete without your app. People hardly give much importance to the description, not realizing that this mistake could very well be fatal, and result in a lot less sells.

Describing a certain product means a lot of text. And it’s understandable as well, because we all know that describing is no small feat. But what’s most important is that the first line should contain a sentence stating its particular job and reasons why it’s better than most. Concise, to the point, yet informative. Because in the end, we all know that people have an aversion to reading long informative paragraphs. So move in for the kill within the first 2 lines.

You need to understand the importance of good quotes by people. A recent studied showed that reviews are what people look at in the description. Reviews can make you, or break you. So you must be really careful when putting them. Even better is when a bad review has your customer service message promising them improvements. That shows how much you actually care about your customer’s goodwill.

Rating does not only comprise of reviews, a large part of it also depends upon the star rating. In a list of apps, yours will stand out, only if it has a higher star rating than the rest.

You can promote your app by localizing it. Though, it might very well be in English or any other single language, but writing its description in multiple languages would provide the customers a sense of ease. Also, people who don’t understand your language might very well understand one of the languages you wrote your description in, and that could clinch the deal.

The first thing you need to avoid is grammatical errors. It makes the whole app look dubious if the description contains grammatical error. You would come across as too unprofessional and incompetent. Hence, avoid grammatical mistakes at all cost. Get your description checked and rechecked by a professional editor if you have doubts. Secondly, don’t try to get into too many technicalities. People get feel uncertain when presented with a lot of technical terms and phrases. So use as many simple and common words as possible and put your customer’s mind at ease.


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