Split Testing Your App – A Look

Marketing an application isn’t an easy task. With way over half a million apps on various application markets competing against each other to gain the top spot, it is easy to get lost in the crowd especially when your app is relatively new. On the app store, even the icon can act as a miniature advertisement. So, choosing the right icon can make a huge difference. But when you have multitudinous icons to choose from, on what parameters will you make the decision? Do you think a drop in price have a significant impact on sales? How should your app be described on the application market so that the conversion ratio is high?

Questions can be many, let us look at the answers!

It is essential that you do adequate research and then answer the aforementioned questions. The best method of analyze this is by the use of split testing. Using this methodology you will be able to implement two different things simultaneously and see which thing does better. An application developer will be able to compare different aspects of the app and eventually use the one that is most profitable. In order to effectively market your application you will have to –

  • Create an appropriate landing page that supports split testing.
  • Direct traffic to your page.
  • Analyze results.

Designing a landing page is the first step to advertize an application. This is a kind of sales page that consumers land on when they click the app icon. This page not only displays images, videos, features and description of the app but also has a call to action feature such as a “download now” or “buy” button that will help in determining the click through rate. Now you will have to create multiple versions of the landing page and see which set of features are able to deliver the most. A split test will distribute the traffic among the landing pages you have created. Using this data you will then be able to calculate the conversion rate.

Secondly, you will have to bring traffic to the landing pages in order to run a split test. In most cases, paid traffic is preferred for quick analysis. You won’t even have to spend a fortune to test multiple features in your application. It isn’t a good idea to wait for consumers to come to your landing page and download the app. For optimum results it is advised to run the experiment for a few days as traffic may vary on each day of the week.

Finally, it’s time for results.

In order to know which feature has performed well you will have to analyze the results. There are several tools available in the market that will help you know the click through rate. Knowing the click through rate and monitoring it might just help you know how successful your app is and the ways to better it.


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