Apple Leads Google Play Store In Terms Of Revenue

The war between the two major mobile OS companies Apple and Google continues in the second quarter of 2014. The quarterly review says that Google is a leader in terms of number of downloads whereas Apple is leading in terms of revenue. It has been observed that Apple Inc. has secured revenue of more than 80% over that of the Google. In spite of having better numbers in terms of number of downloads Google has failed to attract more revenues. The quarterly downloads of Google had been some 60% more over that of Apple which was some 45% more in the first quarter of 2014.

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The Reason behind Android’s More Downloads
This is a no brainer. The availability of cheap handsets of Android phones with Google play store is the driving force behind the rising downloads. As the days are passing by the Android smart phones are penetrating deeper into the markets of countries such as India, Thailand and Brazil. In case of App store of Apple the company has derived some 30% of its revenue from the countries China, Japan, Kuwait, Taiwan and Turkey. These figures are surely a good indicator for the owners and developers.

Time to Cherish For the App Developers
With quality apps made by app developers in recent times, users are (for the first time presumably) having difficulty in knowing which apps to uninstall and to download. Interestingly, the rising customer base of the Google play store is mainly from United States, Brazil and India. The penetration of cheaper smart phones into the attractive Indian market is really good news for app makers, with an ever increasing customer base there.

Comparison In Terms Of Revenue
While many apps are free (and just offer in-app purchases). Generally, the more popular the apps appear to the people, the better will be the revenue from them. The rising revenue in the Asia- Pacific countries seem to work out well for both app makers and both Apple and Google. Google is also growing in Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand. With rise in the number of downloads there is a good possibility of rise in revenues as well.

Remember, Apple signed a deal with China mobile earlier this year to sell more than 20 billion iPhone to the carrier. Of course, more numbers mean more revenue especially in the iOS store that has more paid apps than Android. Apple Play store has increased its revenue mainly from the countries of United States, Japan and China that account for nearly 50% of its revenue. This increased figures of downloads for one and revenue for the other are sure to attract more app developers and app sellers.


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