How You Should Be Using LinkedIn – But Probably Aren’t?

Yes, LinkedIn is still the place to find talent and hire one. However, many people make a page on LinkedIn because their inbox was spammed with invites and inquiries from potential clients. As an app developer, you might have been approached by prospective client and as an app developer; you might have found the right app developer for you there.

However, the problem with those looking for a job on LinkedIn is that they build an incomplete profile and then let it wither, opening it only very rarely to send out a couple of recommendations. What people do not realize is the power of LinkedIn and what one can achieve with it. In a survey by the Wall Street Journal, 41% business respondents said that LinkedIn is extremely beneficial to them when carrying out their business.

So How Can You Use LinkedIn To The Maximum?

  • Make A Complete Personal And Professional Profile
    To get the complete benefit of LinkedIn, it is essential that you fill out both your personal and business profile completely. Do not leave a single bit of information unfilled.Put in all of your experience and list all the projects that you taken up. What you probably do not realize is that while searching for professionals or companies – even the smallest of details serve as keywords on search engines.

    LinkedIn finds synonyms to your keywords according to what’s trending on search engines and changes them.

  • Share And Follow
    Share your companies’ vision and shell out the latest updates. Follow people you admire and whose work you like.
  • Join Groups
    Join groups and actively participate in them. Joining groups will be really helpful as you will be informed about what’s trending what’s going to come out in the market. You can also take feedback and reviews for app by consulting professionals.
  • Recommend Others And Get Recommended
    It is wonderful to get recommendations but also make it a point to recommend all the people you think should be recommended. Praising someone genuinely will always do you good. It will show that you believe in your co-workers or juniors and are a team player. It will in turn get you recommended as well which will of course be beneficial for you.
  • Stop Following Start Leading
    After your profiles are ready and functioning, start leading. Make your own groups – create your own audience. You can discuss your issues and come up with solutions and build a good network of people. This will help you come in contact with people who you probably might need in the future – say graphic artists interested in working for apps; amongst others.
  • Keep It Updated
    Do not forget to keep updating your profile trends. You need to tell the latest developments about your professional life to others. An updated profile will always serve you well.


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