Google And Flurry – The Perfect User Analytics Tools For You!

An app that can save the developer time and money is always welcome into the mobile app industry. Just like there are plenty of apps out there, the number of app analytics tools is also on the rise. A tool that can provide a developer with a clear picture of the elements on the app’s user interface that seem to be failing; amount of time spent on the app before installation; and tracking to find out the areas of the app accessed the most by the user is the best. Because at the end of the day all this information is crucial to the evaluation and upgrading of an app – ensuring that the app garners more users instead of losing any.

Two user analytics tools that seem to be liked more by developers because they offer the best features are Google and Flurry.

Perfect User Analytics Tools

Flurry Analytics Tool

One of the things that have always made the marketing component so important for any business is a true understanding of a business’ target market, behavior and so on. With the advent of apps we didn’t see tools that could actually define a target audience or psychograph of a particular app based on how the different users interact with the app, entering the industry so fast. Flurry has that tracking functionality where a developer can at the end of sit and evaluate the interaction between users and his app, as well as follow user trends that he wouldn’t have known of that, had there been no Flurry.

It is free and gives more than what developers would expect. From audience and usage analysis; user acquisition analysis; and crash analytics, Flurry ensures that all the bases of the app have been taken care of.

Google And Flurry

Google Analytics Tool

Here the developer has to put in as much info as possible and then Google generates the reports for the user. Google because of its history and intellect when it comes to analytics, it’s natural that they would develop user analytical tools that developers can easily understand and fall in love with. It offers real time reporting which gives a clear picture of the interaction between a developer’s app and its users. This is more than enough knowledge to update the app to a point where it means the needs of the users to the tee. Just like Flurry it also tracks crashes for the developer.

Google does come with a limitation of 2 million hits processed per month whilst on the other hand Flurry has no data limitation.

Whilst the users have a very different way to count new users/sales/unique visitors with a bit of over – counting by Flurry, the fact that they are both free as well, is just icing on the cake.


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