9 Hidden Features of IOS 11, You Should Probably be in the Know of

iPhone users are enjoying the flair of joy with the release of the new iPhones and a new version. They have so much new to explore and have fun from. We all are in the know of the major updates and already started using it. But, there are certain hidden features in the IOS 11 which not all the users are aware of. We will introduce you with the goodie bag like improved Siri interaction, one-handed keyboard note and new AirPods controls which will really amaze you. Let’s explore them one by one.

9 Hidden Features of IOS 11

1) Pencil Powers Now More Enhanced

iPad pro users who make use of the Apple pencil will become efficient. With IOS 11, tap on the locked tablet screen by stylus will automatically open the Notes app. iPad app development team will have to build apps keeping the revamped features in consideration.

2) New One-Handed Keyboard

We generally have a habit of typing with both hands and when you are using plus-sized iPhone, using two hands is mandatory. Well, not anymore with the new feature of one-handed typing keyboard of IOS 11. This can be done by holding the emoji key and picking it from the menu.

3) Write Emails With Your Own Handwriting

With the previous update of IOS 10, there was a feature of sending text in your own handwriting. With IOS 11, this feature was taken a step ahead and was added to the mail. You just need to press long on the screen till you get a copy paste pop-up window. Check all the options till you reach the Insert drawing one. Tap on that option which will take you to a blank page where you will get a virtual pen, pencil or marker to write a message. When you are finished writing you can insert it in the body of the email.

4) New Messaging Effects in iPhone

You might not exactly know this feature until the time you mess with your messages app. This feature has not come across with a buzz but Apple has inserted two new screen effects to for enhancing the text which was primarily introduced in IOS 10. Combining the best of fireworks and balloons is Echo and the other one is Spotlight. They function just like their name suggests. Echo will repeat the message in across your screen and spotlight will come up with a beam of light around your message. This will highlight your message.

9 Hidden Features of IOS 11

5) Mute Conversation in Your Messaging

Just a swipe and you can now have peace from all those never-ending messages. Go to the main message screen and find the list of conversations and swipe left on the one that is out of your liking list. Just beside the delete option, you will get a Hide Alert option which you can use to get out of the conversation. You can get in at any time by swiping left again if you are a FOMO (Fear of missing out).

6) Tap-Based Control of AirPod

IOS 11 has some tricks for the AirPod users. Previously double tapping on the back of earbuds will only enable Siri but now there’s an addition in the settings app. This addition will allow various functions altogether by tapping on each of the AirPod. Along with Siri, you can now also skip any song, pause audio and also go one track back.

7) New Device Setup Has Never Been So Easy

With automatic setup, one of the biggest pain in the head with buying new iPhone is redressed. Just hold your new iPad or iPhone near a Mac or IOS device that you already have and you can transfer your personal settings along with your iCloud Keychain password. iPhone and iPad app development company are now at ease with this feature.

8) Siri Can Now Type As Well

Siri has always been a great listener and speaker. Now it’s a tweak time for Siri. Many times, you are in the middle of the meeting and want to ask Siri something but you cannot speak. Not anymore. Now, you can type questions to Siri. Siri can even guess what you are trying to ask.

9) Know Who’s Tracking Your Move

The highlight of this feature was out with Apple WWDC 2017. There are apps who track your location in the background and you are not even in the know of it. With IOS 11, there’s a feature that appears at the top of the screen in the big blue bar which will notify you which app is tracking your location currently.

After iOS11, there came iOS12 and iOS 13. The new iOS adds more cool features and some of them you may still not have noticed. Will you update to the latest iOS 13 and get a new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro? If you’re planning to get a new iPhone and try out iOS 13, you can use IOTransfer to transfer important data from your old iPhone to the new iPhone.


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