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Mobile App Launch Checklist

Checklist For Mobile App Launch

Today’s digital life has resulted in more than million downloads of thousands and thousands of apps. Sometimes looking at the number of apps, it’s easy to assume that apps aren’t that hard to create. Coming up with an idea for app is not easy, neither is launching it nor the launch marketing of it. It’s all hard work and continues for as long as the app exists unless the app entrepreneur sells it and moves on to the net on something else.

Mobile App Launch Checklist


For those new to developing apps and all you have is an idea, we have created a checklist for you.

Checklist For Mobile App Launch

  1. Research, research and research

    You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ – you better believe it. Right now it’s really hard to find a new idea for an app. Most apps are already out there. If another developer has already done an app that you have in mind, it’s fine because that presents you with an opportunity to learn. Understand the categories that, that app is under. Study it hard and get a better knowledge of the reviews, what makes it work, etc. Look for similar apps and strategize on how you will make yours better.

  2. Designing the app

    This is one of the most important steps of the whole process. There are many things to think of in ensuring that your app will be a success. These are:

    • Design – the look, feel and user interface of your app are what the users are going to see first before they make any decision. An image speaks a thousand words, right? High resolution imagery, quality and simplified interface is most likely to pull the user into your app. Get those basics right.
    • Description of the app – based on your research above, what are the keywords that users are going to type to land on your app? The description should be precise, non-complicated and should be directed at the right target audience. Those few seconds that a user reads the description of your app will determine whether they install it or if they will move on to the next app.
    • Third party integration and permissions – which other third party apps will be integrated into your app? Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? Ensure that there will be seamless integration including permissions to link to those 3rd parties and other elements such as email, photos, etc that exist on mobile gadgets.
    • Resources – how much memory space will the app need? Cover all the technical aspects that your target audience is likely to stress over.

      Mobile App Launch Checklist

  3. Marketing and communication plan

    Developers are artists. There’s always something to be perfected. No need to worry about that, that’s why apps come with upgrades. When you have gotten to that point where you are mildly happy with your app, you have to come up with a plan on how you will let the world know of your app. There are a few ways to achieving that:

    • Social Media outreach – utilize your followers, get friends and family to help you spread the word.
    • Press Releases and blogging – reach out to the greater public through the media in the form of interviews, features or reviews. If you have a blog, write about the app, and motivate other bloggers to do the same.
    • Paid advertising – If the budget allows, then go for it. It’s good to have a communications specialist help here so that your ads reach the target audience and you don’t waste money.
  4. Monetization plan

    Having created awareness, you have to know how you will make money out of your app. There are few ways to achieve this:

    • Cross-promotional opportunities and partnerships.
    • Having a free and paid for version.
    • Inclusion of banner advertising in the free version.
    • In-app purchases.
  5. Pre-Launch testing

    This is very important because all the above will be worth nothing if your app gets rejected on app stores or crashes on launch day. Test, test and test the app and ensure that it functions well. Ensure that you have met all the requirements of the store where your app will sit such as certification, privacy policies, security, etc.
  6. Scheduled Launch Date

    Take your app to the market.


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