Mobile Marketing Strategies To Make Your Business More Profitable

In recent years, a constant increase in the usage of mobile devices has been noticed. More than 65% of Americans own smartphones these days. Research by Statista says that in the United States, there are around 275 million smartphone users in 2020, which is expected to reach 290 million users in the year 2024. 

These statistics specify that gone are the days when mobile phones were considered as a mere communicating tool but not anymore! With the emergence of smartphones, mobiles have become a revolution. And that’s why mobile marketing is high on the heels for both online business and brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs. Using different mobile marketing strategies as part of a multichannel marketing solution, small businesses can reach more customers with offers curated especially for them.

In this blog, we will understand digital marketing and learn about its different strategies and implementation.

About Mobile Marketing

Survival of the fittest in today’s digital era is all it takes and for that, you need a highly mobile-optimized website and effective marketing methods. To create an effective website you can connect with reliable IT outsourcing companies in India for development at affordable rates.

But for the other aspect- mobile marketing, I can help you in making an outstanding procedure focused on the correct crowd at the ideal time.

Presently, what is mobile marketing? In simple words, mobile marketing is the sharing of a brand or business in a manner that is very much improved for cell phones and other smart mobile devices throughout apps, social media channels, and websites.

Every single day, phone usage seems to be increasing like never before. Thus, creating marketing campaigns that are specialized for mobile viewers only across various digital platforms is a wise decision to make.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Talking from a business perspective, it’s high time to realize that the way in which their customers are consuming digital content has changed from desktop-based to mobile-based.

Further below I would like to mention some interesting mobile marketing statistics worth taking into account:

  • 80% of mobile device time is spent on apps, shopping, gaming, book movies, order food online
  • Browse web pages on mobile
  • Retail conversion rates are 2.2% on tablets, considerably higher than 0.7% on smartphones, but traditional PC conversion rates are still highest at 3.3%
  • Mobile searches have increased 200% year over year in 2012
  • Mobile has surpassed desktop in 2020

Types of Mobile Marketing

App-Based Marketing

App-based marketing is all about taking leverage of mobile apps to showcase information about your brand. There are four different categories of app-based marketing: in-app marketing, mobile search engine, proximity, and SMS. Any business that wants to create a successful app-based marketing strategy needs to know these for categories.

In-game Mobile Marketing

In-game mobile marketing means mobile ads that appear when you are playing the game. Sometimes these ads appear at the top or bottom of your screens, and sometimes it will take over your entire screen for a few seconds. It can be both image ads or video ads.

QR Codes

QR codes can give you some information about any product or its reviews. It promotes interaction and engagement through mobile devices. The users can scan it, and then it takes them to the webpage that has a QR code attached.

Location-based Marketing

The location-based marketing is all about mobile ads that appear on mobile devices based upon a user’s location. This means that you will get ads about the businesses and their updates of that specific area if you are in.

Mobile Search Ads

These are just the basic Google search ads that are built for mobile apps. These ads often feature extra add-on extensions like maps or click-to-call. The mobile search ads dominate the first fold of the search engine, and it includes lots of clickable links and contents.


SMS marketing is advertising your business by capturing the user’s phone number and then sending them offers about your business and all the updates.

Setting Up your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a newbie or do carry some experience in creating a mobile marketing strategy. Here’s a sample for you!

Just make sure whatever you strategize, it must be customer-centric and come up with something that acts as a solution to a specific aspect of their life.

1) Optimize web and landing pages

First and foremost thing to do is creating a best-in-class mobile marketing strategy for your brand. Choose the target audience and make sure you stick right to that!

For example, if you design a webpage; it must be designed for tablets and smaller screen sizes. Also, one needs to think about adding high-converting landing pages featuring well-placed visual aspects to share a message with an audience quickly.

Whatever page you build just to make sure that they are being regularly updated.

2) Find the right audience

One of the most effective mobile strategies are the ones that are targeted to drive connection with a targeted audience. There are pretty much effective chances of your business already created a profile of an ideal client or target ideal buyers personas.

However, by knowing what social media channels your target buyer spends most of his or her time on. So why don’t you try creating mobile content optimized for these channels like Instagram?

3) Make your call to action

One of the most crucial parts of any marketing strategy is CTA- Call to Action! Although it’s a bit short it definitely invites a viewer to make the next logical step in a way that feels natural, pulling, compelling them into your online sales funnel.

Basic Steps of Creating a Powerful CTA

Creating CTAs is extremely important, and you don’t require many steps to get it done:

Design CTA

The design of CTA should answer the visitor’s questions like “What to do next?.” Call-to-action can be created in different forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. The most essential factor to consider while creating it is the style and template. A few examples of CTA copy are-

  • Get Started
  • Click For Offer
  • Sign Up Here
  • Download Now


The on-page placement of the CTA can affect the conversion rate of your site’s landing page. This is something you will have to research, as all the websites and their audiences act differently.

The best place to put your CTA is at the bottom of the page after the content and the top of the sidebar. 


When you are placing a CTA on your website, you must make sure that the CTA is relevant to the content of the page. For instance, you wouldn’t want to put the CTA for a Social Media eBook on the blog post that is about Search Engine Marketing.

With the use of CTA, you can observe a drastic increase in click-throughs and conversations.

Post COVID-19 effects

We all know how deadly the COVID-19 virus is. Major industry events have been canceled and tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Uber say that revenue will take a hit because of supply chain issues or declining consumer demand.

In such cases, what mobile marketing ideas could work in such an environment:

Location Proximity Marketing

Though the physical location is extremely important for business looking at the current phase the world is going through it seems location proximity marketing will be quite in demand. Moreover, this will also help you to narrow down the ideal audience that you want your information to reach regarding your products and services.

Personalized Messages

Each one of us encounters thousands of advertisements daily. Based on this, personalizing your marketing messages with the names of your valued customers. Speaking of the current situation, staying home is the best thing to do! Also, capturing the limited attention of modern consumers will help them feel a more personal connection with your brand.

Mobile Videos

Online video will increase in terms of popularity as a marketing tool. In case, if your business isn’t using online videos as a promotional tool it’s high time to consider one. Sitting at home is not an easy thing to do, so what we can do is search for online videos on our devices to learn more about products as they are interested in purchasing.

App Development

Gone are the days when mobile app development was simply reserved for large marketing budgets. No even small businesses now can afford to create useful mobile apps. As long as your app is helpful. It can be one of the best ways to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers and bring in low-cost leads and sales for several years to come.

To Wrap Up With

In this blog, we looked at the details of digital marketing and its strategies to help businesses interact with a broader audience. To make your brand popular amongst different buyers, having a perfect mobile marketing strategy is a must. By following the steps mentioned above, you can give a start to your mobile marketing journey.


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